5 Subjects Bloggers Cannot Agree On

I like to think us bloggers get on very well most of the time, but there is some subjects which are now known as taboo, you don't bring them up, or its hell, or battle on twitter. Who is right? No one knows!  (I think that no one is right - but hey thats me!) 

1. Phone Vs Camera 
Before I got my Olympus Pen E-PL8 I would swear using an iPhone is just as good as using a camera... now well, I don't think I agree... Sure it's best if you are on a budget and are starting out, but if you are taking a photo of anything other than a flatlay... a camera is a worthwhile investment.. she says knowing people will argue it and knowing I would have argued it 6 months ago lol 

2. Editing  
To me, editing isn't something I do - because I don't understand it lol, I rely heavily on my cameras Fstop and my light box, but others lean more towards brightening after - and others edit the picture completely. I personally don't care how much a photo is edited/not edited.. I care about how the image looks... is it beautiful? Do I want to look at it? If its edited properly then HELL YES - cause its spectacular, ugly photos can be over edited or just unedited... either way people argue over it, even though everyone edits a little... *sigh* 

3. PR Samples 
How many PR samples is too many? Who is begging? Who is constantly taking collabs which are unrelated? Who is getting sent stuff when I am not...? The list over PR goes on and on, the brand ethics, did you declare it, did you lie about it, did you accept a follow link etc. SO MUCH DRAMA. 

4. Instagram Ethics 
Oh lord this is the most common. BOTS. Many use them, but they are HATED. I personally hate them, they are annoying AF, but most of the time everyone is just really frustrated with instagram, which means the follower count is a pain in the ass. I have a whole post about it here (and why I think nothing is happening too) but mostly everyone argues through frustration.. and "calling out" cheaters (AKA follower buying) *Hissssss* 

5. Twitter Drama  
The most common reason for twitter drama is arguing about twitter drama and who causes twitter drama and why. Therefore the drama is now drama. The calling out of people, then the calling out of people who call out people, then the backlash. It makes my head hurt. 

So yeah, 5 reasons why us bloggers don't seem to get on - but to be honest most of the time we are all lovely and get on great, its just the odd occasion where war is declared! - but really there is no right or wrong answer to any of these, hence the difference in opinions, its totally allowed! 

What discussion makes your blood boil? Or do you just stay out of all of it? :)

pssst. The stickers are from StickerApp, I use them as business cards, how cool are they? :)


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