November: New In Beauty (Christmas Edition)

I spend a lot of my time watching Beauty News on youtube, (their channel is so so good), they upload twice a week just discussing new releases, it can be SO addictive. Watching this and Samantha March talk about new releases in her "Will I buy it" series has made me a tad obsessed with keeping up to date on new launches.

What I would say is that it has helped me to plan out what I want to invest my money in, and what I really want to save up for, so if you are wanting to be in the know, and suck at keeping up to date with trend mood, and don't mind swearing Aussie's check them out! :)

Bobbi Brown

The whole Caviar and Ruby set is just beyond perfection, but these two are the top picks. Both completely extravagant. But, they are just so so lovely. I cannot wait to see these two to swatch them - I feel like the eyeshadow set is just SO luxe. 

Space NK

These three from SpaceNK are just *sigh* perfect. The CoverFX drops are the perfect way to try out the shades without spending a bomb on them all - plus who is ever going to use a whole bottle? They are HUGE! and a little goes such a long way!

The By Terry Compact is just what packaging goals are made of, and well the hourglass one *cries* I banned myself from buying it because I don't use the one I bought last year, but still, I want it, its lovely - and everytime I see it I weep a little lol.


This collection is the first one in a long time from Dior that has me wanting it so so bad. It is BEAUTIFUL. That reddy gold palette is what dreams are made of, the packaging is flipping beautiful, and the colours, I honestly love it - but it seems to be sold out everywhere now :'( . Oh and it comes in a greeny, blue, format with a YELLOW shade. Then there is the highlighter. Glow from the heavens.

The lipsticks also look beautiful, I love the shape, the shades and the packaging. Excuse me while I go cry over this whole collection.


The packaging for this years selection is just beautiful, all three designs are just stunning. I cannot even decide which one is my favourite, but if you are struggling to decide they also come in a set of 3 minis! (For a pretty hefty price tag lol)

Jo Malone

The new collection is just stunning, and I am in love with the pine and eucalyptus scent, so to me this is top of my wish list for this month now, I will be getting the candle on payday #treatyoself

Kiehls x Disney

The packaging is just flipping adorable. SO cute. So why not get top ups of your favourites in the already adorable packaging? It's just so so lovely. I really want to try the body conditioner. 

Well, this post turned very luxe. But meh, its the things which make my heart sing just looking at them! :) Realistically I will be purchasing the Jo Malone candle, and maybe the Dior Palette or the Bobbi Brown one - depending on availability and money I have left to spend! 

What items from the Christmas launch have you been loving? Anything from here? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Pssst. the letterboard is from Letter Writes here


Links used may be affiliated, cause Erin gotta fund her makeup obsession! This doesn't effect at all what I promote, it simply means if you choose to purchase through the link, I get a small thank you from the retailer for sending you their way. This won't cost you any more money, and won't affect your shopping experience, and if you are not comfortable with this, just google the item instead :) 

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