November Favourites 2017

I have been loving so so much this month, it has been hard to keep track of any of it, but I have tried, and here is everything I remembered - I hope you enjoy! :)

This post doesn't include my actual birthday as a favourite, but it definitely was. Getting to see Ben, going to Harry Potter - it was incredible, so it definitely has been a favourite, without a doubt. 

This is such a stunning glow kit, and super glad it is now in my stash as it has made an incredible addition. This is the perfect pale girl highlight - and I recommend checking out the swatches if you want to see more :) 

This shade is beautiful, I love it. It is my perfect nude. The formula is beautiful, and the packaging is stunning. 

3. MAC Snowball Collection
Now I am kinda ashamed to admit this, but another part of me doesn't care.... but I haven't actually used these yet. But just looking at the packaging makes me happy. I mean its BEAUTIFUL. I cannot stop staring.... just not using lol 

This polish is just the perfect dark tone. It is just my go to for this time of year. It somehow manages to look quite dark and almost gothic, but not too dark. I love it. 

I have had this off once since my Birthday on November 5th. And that was to take Blog photos for my birthday post. I am in love with it, Ben was so kind to spoil me, and it really is beautiful, it goes with everything, and I love the emotion behind it now too. So so lovely. 

I haven't even had this a week and it hasn't been off since. LOVE IT. best jacket buy. Simply because I can wear it WITH my jumper - and still move my arms. That is a big deal in coat world btw. 

7. Peanut Butter Twinkies*
Peanut butter + cake = YUM. They are so good. I will need more of these once they are done. @InnovativeBites very kindly sent me them to try - and they are incredible! 

8. My Tattoooooo
I couldn't do this post without mentioning my body modification, it's beautiful. I LOVE it, fully healed up now, the design is stunning, the colours, the placement - it's stunning! 

9. TV: The Good Place
One of the weirdest shows, but somehow it just works. Completely binge worthy - and as it is on netflix you can do exactly that. I watched them all in 3 days. SO good. I love it. 

10. MUSIC: Sia - Everyday is Christmas 
It is so refreshing to have a new upbeat Christmas Album, this has been on repeat now since it launched, I cannot get enough of it. Although the song "Everyday is Christmas" AJ hates - he says it's stupid. But we LOVE Candy Cane Lane, Ho Ho Ho and Santa's Coming for Us..... and now i'm singing it, as always lol "oh da da da" 

Overall This month has been the most incredible month in a long time, pretty much all down to Ben too, such a lucky girl. What has been your favourite for this month? Let me know in the comments below! 

 *These items were sent to me for review, but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own, unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!)

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