Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit Highlighter

Say hello to the latest highlighters in my collection. Ben was lovely enough to get this for me for my birthday. (You can see my full birthday post here) 

ABH have brought out quite a few glow kits now, but this has been the first one I have really been drawn to. The reason for this is simply the shade range. A generic glow kit contains shades for a medium skin tone, or a shade to suit everyone. Which means not everyone is able to use every shade. Resulting in 1-3 shades which go unused. Which makes me sad. 

This glow kit however is perfect for us paler people, icy undertones always work out better on my skin tone - and I can honestly say all 4 shades are wearable as highlighters for me - because really, who does end up using them as eyeshadows? 

Marshmallow The pure white, icy glow with gold flecks. The boldest glow. 

Gumdrop A darker pink glow, perfect for a bold blush look 

Butterscotch A champagne gold shade which is perfect for a more subtle glow that isn't so blinding. 

Starburst This is my perfect subtle, natural glow, when the light hits it, its beautiful. 

But most of the time I go for a mixture of them all, it gives just an incredible glow. I love highlighters! Definitely one of my favourite makeup items!  

Overall, I have been loving using this, all four shades, and this is something which has been a fab addition to my collection :)

Have you tried any of the ABH glow kits yet? Which highlighter is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! 


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