Matrix #BLOGGERMATCH: Fin & Co - Creating a Unique Metallic Shade*

Matrix #BLOGGERMATCH: Fin & Co - Creating a Unique Metallic Shade*

Shiney Metallic Shades 
If you haven't checked out my first post with Matrix and Fin & Co, you can here. 
Matrix's most recent addition to their colour range is metallic shades, I am completely digging them. Think cool silvers and purples, then warm bronze and rose gold - it's super pretty. On trend and completely beautiful. Why not expand metallic to your hair too? Especially if it gives the same shine payoff. 

Fin and Co. were super excited to try out the new shades, and Ashleigh prides herself on creating unique beautiful shades which are near impossible to replicate unless you know the right stylist - her. So we set a task for my hair to look incredible, of course. 

Matrix #BLOGGERMATCH: Fin & Co - Creating a Unique Metallic Shade*

Unfortunately, I have been "blessed" with enough hair on my head to rival two people, so poor Ashleigh was faced with a pretty mammoth task. Every stage of the process on my hair takes double the length of time, the bleach application alone took an hour. Not once did she complain though, which is so lovely for me. It isn't something I am used to. 

Bleaching blonde to get a better result. I must admit I had a panic attack when I saw the yellow blonde hair. All I could think was MY EYEBROWS LOOK LIKE SLUGS. Ashleigh thankfully reassured me, promising me I wouldn't be leaving like that - but sometimes you need to go a lot lighter to get the results you need. This was the first time I had ever been so blonde, and tbh, I don't think I will be going for that look permanently anytime soon. 

The results, however, I am SO happy with. Definitely not the yellow bleach blonde (thank goodness and so worth the fright!) but a warm toned, not really sure what colour it is - colour. It is a mix with the rose gold and copper shades from Matrix. In some lights it looks brown, others red, sometimes pink, sometimes ginger, sometimes blonde the colour is completely unique, metallic and overall perfection. 

Matrix #BLOGGERMATCH: Fin & Co - Creating a Unique Metallic Shade*
Matrix #BLOGGERMATCH: Fin & Co - Creating a Unique Metallic Shade*
My hair since has been really soft considering what it has been through, bleach does have a tendancy to dry out your hair - but I have a secret weapon I have been using to help with this, (pssst it's from Matrix too! - Review Coming Soon)

This has been the biggest change I have ever done to my hair, but Fin & Co. made the experience enjoyable and straightforward (for me anyway). The staff are a joy to be around, and there is always coffee on offer - so I highly recommend popping along if you haven't already. 

You can find them here, and on IG here, or at:
1A High Street,
Tel: 01241 852321

Matrix offers a wide range of different hair colours and treatments to suit everyone. - I highly recommend checking out their metallic range. Their Instagram is a joy to browse through for inspo. 

Have you had your hair done recently? Would you go for a colour like this? Let me know in the comments below! 

Matrix #BLOGGERMATCH: Fin & Co - Creating a Unique Metallic Shade*

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