Happy Mother's Day 2018

This photo makes me giggle. It pretty much sums up Motherhood. 

I think it's important to understand that although a lot of women fall under the catagory of "mother" there is a lot of different types of us out there. I thought I would take the time to celebrate each and every one of us. Because we are all pretty special in our own ways. 

*I would like to note here that Mother's Day can be harder for some of us. So I am thinking of you all. To any of you who are hurting today - I'm sorry, and I do hope today isn't too hard for you. 

I am in a very lucky position to say I am a Mum, who has a Mum, who still has her Mum. So currently we are a family with 4 generations. Which is pretty cool. (AJ is 6, I'm 27, my Mum is 48 and my Gran is 71) So I am surrounded by Mums in different time periods of their lives, different positions in the family. - very lucky. 

I was also very lucky to have a completely kick-ass, independant mum who raised me single handedly from day 1 while putting herself through university. We started school on the same day. Me into P1, and her starting teaching. She came to all my parents evenings, helped me with my homework, cooked my meals, painted my room, you name it - she did it, regardless of gender stereotyped roles. She also saved up for a house and bought one. All by herself. She was such a bad-ass. 

In the 90s having a single parent who hadn't ever been married, was "odd". I remember being questioned on the playground about who did the gardening, who picked me up from school, who drove the car, every question you could ask - and the answer was always "em, my mum?" (Expect who gets mice out the house when the cat brings them in - that was my drunk Auntie Denise, while my mum stands on the couch squealing "GET IT") But overall, my Mum bossed parenting so well - I never noticed anything was missing. 

I used to see my Gran at the weekend. We would go shopping with her, or I would stay at her house and spend way too long lying on her floor colouring in, or driving my cousin completely crazy, and my Gran crazy in the process. 

Becoming a Mum made me realise how much work it is. Everything from Day one where you have a tiny human completely dependant on you, to slowly watching them gain independence and wishing you could freeze time, keep them small that little bit longer. Living with the constant feeling of worry, and the doubt of completely ruining them somehow. The guilt is unbearable sometimes. The guilt never leaves. My Mum says it becomes worse when your child leaves home. Then worse again when they have children of their own. 

Some of the best Mum's are given the rank of "Gran" - My mum is pretty amazing at this too. My son calls her daily, spends the weekends with her, tells her all his secrets, all while out playing in the garden, digging holes and making a mess. My Mum sees it as all the fun parts of parenting, not as much of the shouting. Being the cool fun one, who lets him stay up late and watch movies. 

Then there is "Great Gran" - My gran's proudest achievement. At this level you basically just feed everyone way too many chocolate biscuits. FUN. 

So here is to the Mum's. The one day a year we get to pretend we have a day off, but in reality nothing really changes, except the cards and flowers - and hopefully extra cuddles. 

Today should be celebrated. Because no one worries like a Mum, no one loves like a Mum, there is no comparison. So go say hi to your Mum if you can. Give her a hug, let her know you are ok, and you love her too. 


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