How To Use And Love Bloglovin'

 Are you using Bloglovin' to its full potential? 

I feel like I am one of the only bloggers left who uses Bloglovin' - but the reality is that a hell of a lot of people use and love the platform, myself included. I realised once you have sussed how it works and how to make the most of it - you can really use it to your full advantage. 

So, if you are a blogger, and like commenting on loads of blogs like I do - it is without a doubt the best way to catch up. And if you are a blogger who doesn't comment on lots of blogs maybe you should reassess and start. Afterall, how can we expect people to read our content - when you don't read any yourself? :)

So, the main issue with Bloglovin' is how to filter everything, and they don't make it easy on us to set it up. So here is how I do it. 

How to Set up Groups on Bloglovin'

Step 1: Click on the Menu tab, then select "Following" 

Step 2: From there, all followers will load alphabetically and there is a Following tab, along with 3 dots. Click the dots, then select "Add or Remove From Groups" 

Step 3: add to existing Groups or +Create New Group, you need to do this to each blog you want to add. 

DONE! Everything now shows in the Groups on the right-hand side. You can see how many are in the tabs, and when you click it filters to only the blogs you have added into the groups. 

You then have full control over what is in the feed, and what you filter down. I then mark as read or read to keep them then select the heart when I have read and commented. Sharing the love and all (I loved my own post for this screenshot and unloved it btw lol) 

How to Grow Your Bloglovin' Followers

1. USE bloglovin' 
If you don't use it, how can you expect to gain followers on it? I'm sure BL take notice who is on their platform and who isn't, who read, who loves, and the more you use it, the more you will be noticed on it. 

2. Add a button to blog posts
You will see my button on every blog post I publish. It makes it super easy for people to follow you if they stumble across a post they love. It doesn't take long to copy and paste the code. 

3. Share on Twitter
I share my BL link daily. I really do think it helps to grow your following and reach out to more people :) 

4. Add People on BL! 
I am always looking to follow new blogs and find new interesting posts to read. Which means I am constantly looking for new people on Bloglovin' search functions. I have a thing for cooking blogs too - it's not all beauty :)

But Overall, I love Bloglovin' and it is definitely something that you should use if you aren't already. 

Do you love Bloglovin'? Is it something that you use? Let me know in the comments. 


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