March: Best Blog Posts

The Best Posts of this Month 

I am so loving doing these posts now, they are so fun. Fun to share blogs I have loved, posts I have read, it's always good to find new content! :) 

I loved this post so much, sometimes as bloggers we forget how much we know just from running our blogs. This post helps to highlight all the bits we have picked up along the way, the bits we might take for granted most of the time. Makes you feel super smart! I love checking out The Sunday Mode, Julia's content is beautiful worth giving her a follow if you haven't already! :)


I must spend a good hour a week minimum thinking about how much time and energy I would have without the blog, how much easier my life would be. Lynnsay from Sartorial Scot put it beautifully, like a fuckboy you keep running back to. I think we can all relate when we have moments of thinking *why do I do this?* 


Some posts capture my heart with a stunning photo, this was one. Sophie's blog is full of beautiful photos, I could spend all day scrolling through her blog just gazing lovingly at the pictures. Her beauty content is stunning too, this one was all about the glow, and I love a bit of glow. *dips face in highlighter* 


Laura is without a doubt one of the most talented, trustworthy MUA's that I internet-know. She is lovely, and this review of the new Bobbi Brown foundation had me wanting it ASAP. If you love thorough reviews with lots of pictures and longwear tests this is the blog for you. I love the results from this one, she had me convinced, so I will be picking up the foundation once I have ran out of my own. 


unless you missed the memo, I really like yellow, like really really love yellow. So when I seen these on Jemma's blog my heart skipped a few beats. I am gonna need these asap. Jemma is lovely, one of the sweetest people in the blogging world. Her love of colour makes me very happy, and her pictures are always beautiful. If you don't already follow her, you really should. 


Have you checked out any of these blog posts yet? Which posts have you enjoyed this month? Let me know in the comments below. 

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