October Favourites 2017

2.5 years of blogging and I still love reading and writing a monthly favourite. So no attempt at me stopping anytime soon, sorry guys! So here is the bits I have been loving this month! :)

Out of this set of 3 I am completely obsessed with the shade Dynamic. It is the most perfect pinky nude shade that remains moisturising - yet keeps it's longevity. I love it. 

I am still undecided if I like this more than the Lancome, but still I love it so much - it really is a fantastic foundation. I am loving using this one at the moment :) 

The hype was so worth it with this in my opinion. On quick and easy days this is just beautiful to wear. I love it for giving a gentle glow on your cheeks without taking over the whole look. 

4. 3INA Cream Eyeshadow* £8.95 (Full Post Here)
I have been reaching for this one constantly over the past month, it is just so quick and easy to apply. It blends out so quickly and just looks beautiful on! :)

5. Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelnut  £44.00 (Full Post Here)
I am so obsessed with this scent. I cannot get enough of it - everything smells like it at the moment - and now I know that it is now permanent within the collection I seem to be using it even more! I have used almost half of my 30ml bottle in a month :/

6. Spectrum Brushes x Mean Girls Collection £49.99 (Full Post Here)
Finally I got the courage to use them - at last! They are still flipping beautiful, but now I am using them all the time I love them even more - they are SO pretty.

This polish lasts WEEKS. I had it on two weeks and it was still going strong. I now use the top coat for every polish now - but their colour selection is HUGE!

I LOVE my school bag. It's yellow, its cool, I feel cool with it on. Oh and its YELLOW! did I mention? It is deceptively huge too, I can fit everything in this - including my 15" Mac. 

My Gran & Grandad got me it for my birthday/Christmas. Without a doubt the best present yet. Only issue is I now struggle to get out my bed in the morning - which is interesting for college... oh and it is also yellow, #winning. But I now need more from their collections, the pillows, the duvet sets (they have a yellow one!), I am so obsessed. Bed + Yellow = GOALS

10. Star Trek Discovery 
I have now watched them all twice. They are SO good. I now look forward to Mondays for new episodes. Especially as my mum and Ben watch it too! :) 

What have you been loving this month? Have you tired any of these? Let me know in the comments below! :)


 *These items were sent to me for review, but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own, unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!) 

Links used may be affiliated, cause Erin gotta fund her makeup obsession! This doesn't effect at all what I promote, it simply means if you choose to purchase through the link, I get a small thank you from the retailer for sending you their way. This won't cost you any more money, and won't affect your shopping experience, and if you are not comfortable with this, just google the item instead :)

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