Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular Practical Review

Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular Practical Review

I've had my apple watch now for 4 weeks, and now that the novelty has worn off - I thought it would be the best time to write a full post on it! So I hope you enjoy, something outside the usual beauty related content, but I hoped it would be something that would be interesting - as I have had quite a few questions on it. 

I ended up getting the rose gold Series 3 42mm with Cellular, through my EE contact (So £25 per month). I then bought a second yellow strap to replace the pink (because I am not a pink person) 

Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular Practical Review

Not So Techy Review...
So I have no idea about the tech of it all, so I am not even going to try and explain that, what I will explain is the practicality aspect, and what I actually like and use about the Apple Watch features. 

1. The Notifications Sure, my phone has all the same notifications, but having them on your wrist simply means you don't need to check your phone. Quick buzz on your wrist is enough to know you have a new text. 

2. Waterproof - Controlling my Music (From in the shower) The Series 3 is completely waterproof, which means you can wear it in the bath, shower, and still get the notifications through and skip all those tracks you just cannot be bothered with in that moment. 

3. Siri I NEVER use siri on my phone, but somehow on the watch I find myself using him all the time. He sets my alarm, he can remind me to do specific tasks when I get back home (which is a little creepy - but helpful) he is super handy in English class when I have no idea what a word means, and he can dictionary define words in seconds. 

4. The Privacy I love how you can quickly check messages, and the minute you even tilt your watch away from your eyes the watch will turn off. Such a simple feature will keep your messages private, and keep your teacher/boss from realising you're on your phone. WINNING. 

5. The Activity I do have a slight obsession with completing my rings everyday. It can count your steps, flights, calories, stand time. It's just a good insight into how much movement you are actually getting in every day. 

6. The Heartbeat Ben & I do this all the time. If you press and hold the message function it will record your heartbeat and send it. When opened on the watch it then beats impulses onto the other persons arm. It sounds cheesy, but its cute, and its a good way to keep in touch when you cant speak. 

7. Find My Phone I have a real anxiety over loosing my phone, so this to me is just a complete saviour. I waste so much of my time triple checking my phone is with me all day - and this can tell me my phone is there with a simple button. It makes my phone DING, and you can press it repeatedly. It's fab in the house when your phone is lost under pillows and things too! 

8. Apple Pay It's just SO easy to pay for things, at drive throughs, Starbucks, Tesco, you name it you don't even need to have your phone with you, or your purse, one tap and it's done. Which can be worring if you are an impulse buyer, but most of the time it is a bonus! 

9. Unlocks my Mac This is so much easier. As long as my apple watch and laptop are in the same room, I can open my Mac and not need to put in the password. And trust me I get that wrong ALL the time. I constantly impatiently type it in and get it wrong, this just removes that irritation. 

10. The Time It sounds odd to even say this but the most common use for my watch is to tell me the time. Such a basic watch need, but it's really is just fab for this. 

Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular Practical Review

The Not So Positives... 

1. The Size Assumption It really frustrates me that girls are expected to have the 38mm while boys are expected to have the 42mm, the 42mm is more user friendly, faster, just easier to use. I much prefer it. It annoyed me I had to constantly correct people while ordering both the watch and the strap that I wanted the 42mm. 

2. Not A Game Changer I think all other apple products I have bought have hugely benefitted my life - making them a new essential, but this definitely doesn't impact my life to that extent. I forgot to put it on for a day last week and I wasn't lost without it - Just had to reach over to my phone instead. 

3. The Cost It is very expensive for what it is, no denying that or beating around it. It's expensive. Even the straps are expensive, everything about it is pricey. 

4. You Will Still Use Your Phone To Respond As much as its nice to be able to check notifications on your watch, replying and starting messages are a pain - even with the scribble feature - so you will still pick up your phone to respond.

5. Irritated Skin Unfortunately one of the downsides to this being fully waterproof is you can wear it all the time if you wanted to. I've had an irritated wrist because of this - just not allowing the skin to breath - which is easily combatted by removing it and airing it while possible - but still I thought I would include it as it is a factor. 

Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular Practical Review


I have only used the Cellular a few times (as my phone is usually on me) - the times I actually use it tend to be when I am at the toilet at work, or forget my phone, or at the swimming pool. So it isn't exactly an essential to life, in-fact this is the theme of the whole watch - it really isn't an essential in any way - not needed to function, but just helps to make everything run a little smoother.

Definitely not a game changer, but glad I got one. 

Do you have an Apple Watch? What is your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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