The October Life Update: Cool Hats, Cosy Jumpers & Days Out

This is the post I consider mine. The one I post because #myblogmyrules but some how people seem to enjoy a monthly update on all things me, so why not?

Here is my once a month personal post, the ones with photos of all things other than makeup and skincare, I hope you enjoy! :)


BFF's Hat Knitting

Meet Anna, isn't she flipping beautiful? She is my best friend's little girl, and the only little girl to steal my heart. I mean look at that face!

Her mum is my best friend (since we were 15/16) and has taken up knitting as a hobby. So far she has knitted hats, scarves, etc... but the best by far has to be Anna's multi-coloured, double pom-pom hat. SQUEEEEL its AWESOME.

She has also knitted me a fruit pastel coloured one, mustard, pink, orange... it is cool, but Anna's? Well hers wins.


October Holiday Days Out

I swear my son is never actually at school, he is always on holiday. Not sure he would agree with me there - but that's how it feels to parents. The joys of school holidays.

He is currently off for October break, so we have had a fun filled (exhausting) week of days out. We have been to the park, we have been to deep sea world to see the sharks and seals.

He also went to the Discovery ship with the Beavers & Scouts. Ended up on STV News to celebrate the anniversary of the ship being given to Dundee - that was a cool day out - Free too! :)


High Tea At The Dome, Edinburgh 

If you ever go to Edinburgh you need to book in for high tea or cocktails at The Dome, it is beautiful - especially at Christmas Time. Ultra fancy and luxe, but beautiful.

My uni friends all decided it would be nice to pop along for the afternoon for a catch up before Christmas, it was SO lovely seeing everyone. And we Managed to get some shopping in too - I bought the Fenty gloss from Harvey Nicks.

Chenielle Jumpers & Ben  

Ever just fall in love with a jumper so much you need one in ever colour? No? Just me?

Ben kindly sent me a cream one, I don't think a boy has ever done anything so kind for me before, especially as this week hasn't been the best - he is so sweet. Seems like after a year of being single a boy has managed to convince me to not be. Who knew the way to my heart was through cosy jumpers, pringles, dominos and an invite to Harry Potter Studios.

I apologise in advance Ben, i'm a pain in the ass.

So there is this month in 4 pictures. What have you all been up to this month? Excited for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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