Philips Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator*

Philips Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator*

6 weeks ago I heard the word "Epilator" and would flinch. Early teen throwbacks of my Mum's torture device was something I wasn't up for reliving... until I was given this option. In steps the ultra luxe Philips Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator. I mean look how flipping beautiful it is. Surely something this beautiful couldn't be painful? I was up for the task.

Somehow, very kindly I have ended up with two of these to try - so I thought I would give one to my Mum to try out, so you can have a newbie review (me) and a long timer review (My mum). My Mum (Michelle, 48) has had her original one almost 20 years (Which doesn't even have a battery - you have to keep it plugged into the wall!)

So I thought it would be good to see the reviews from two sides, so this is how this one is going to be - a bit different.

The Details: 
Hair removal can be a time consuming task especially on areas such as the legs. Effective hair removal needs to be quick and simple leaving the skin feeling beautifully soft and hair-free. The Philips Satinelle is a very simple, easy to use epilator that gives you smooth, hair-free skin with less skin irritation and ingrown hairs. 
Satinelle has a wide epilation head which removes more hairs in one stroke for quick, efficient hair removal. Suitable for the bath, shower or against dry skin, high-speed rotating tweezer discs gently lift and pluck hairs from the root. Combined with the unique round ceramic discs, it epilates close to the skin for fantastic results after one use. To ensure even the finest hairs are removed, the Satinelle has an Opti-light to detect every hair on the skin – no more missed patches. 
With 2 speed settings for you to choose and 8 different attachments, Satinelle Prestige can be used on the legs, body and face including underarms, bikini area and upper lip. Its S-shaped handle is designed for your comfort and enables you to attain a closer shave – even against curvy areas such as knees and ankles

The set comes with 9 parts. 

  1. Main Unit 
  2. Epilator Head 
  3. Razor Head 
  4. Massager Head 
  5. Cleansing Brush Head 
  6. Travel Covers/Holders 
  7. Razor Covers/Trimmers 
  8. Bag 
  9. Charging Cables 

Overall it is packaged beautifully and the colour way is just BEAUTIFUL. The Epilator also has an inbuilt torch into the head, which actually does help way more than expected - a really good feature. This is also completely waterproof, which means it can be used in the shower - which definitely helps newbies (like me). 

The unit is rechargeable - and will typically hold its charge for around 45mins on - which is more than enough for even a newbie first timer like me to get both legs done! :) 

Philips Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator*

Newbie Thoughts:

I'm not gonna lie, my first attempt hurt. I stupidly attempted it cold. Don't try to epilate your legs cold. It hurts. 
Then my Mum recommended it doing after a shower or in the shower, so that is exactly what I did. It was so much more comfortable in the shower, definitely not painless - but bearable. It took me so long the first time, but I told myself I would see how it went. 

Typically I shave my legs once a week, and by day 5-7 I am definitely unable to go without tights, but by day 7 with the epilator there was hair there... but it wasn't visible. The hair was finer, less dark and a lot more manageable. I didn't need to epilate again until day 12-14. I then opted to epilate again rather than shave, and it was MUCH quicker. I honestly cannot see myself going back to shaving now. 

I think the initial pain and length of time can be off-putting, but looking back now it was definitely worth it. My legs seem to be ok with it now, and with each time I do it - it hurts less, and I'm taking less time too. 

As for the additions they are SO good. I am no where near ready to epilate my foo-foo with it, so the razor is good for landscaping (TMI, I know) The massager feels incredible, especially after epilating. And the body exfoliator is fantastic with a good foamy scrub for removing all the dead skin - definitely a welcome addition to my shower routine! :)

The Pro's Thoughts:

My Mum's current epilator is almost as old me... she has admitted it was needing to go, and had been opting for waxing instead of epilating recently. So needless to say she was very happy and well overdue an upgrade, and this one is pretty amazing. 

She was SO happy with the wet feature getting to epilate while in the shower is a huge time saver - and so much more relaxing. And she agrees the torch feature is fantastic too - its just such a handy feature to have. Overall she is really happy with not having to sit next to a plug to epilate her legs anymore *sigh* its the simple things huh? 

She also added that the time is much quicker to use this than her previous one, and she has since cancelled a wax appointment and will go back to epilating only - so hey it must be good. 

She also added it "Doesn't hurt" and "Erin - You're a wimp" yeah thanks Mum lol. 

Philips Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator*

Overall I am really happy Epilating my legs now, and the Satinelle is the perfect tool for the job. If you consider the price of leg waxing too - the price of the Epilator would quickly be paid off! A worth while investment - and a pretty useful Christmas present too!

Have you tried epilating your legs before? What did you think? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments below 

 *These items were sent to me for review, but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own, unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!) 

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