Stay at Stobo Castle

Stobo Castle...

I swear this place is actually heaven, there is no words to describe how incredible this place is, but hey - ill give it a shot.


So, when you arrive you check in then make your way to your room. We were staying in Rachan - in their Park Lodge. Although Park Lodge is the cheapest - we were still met by a very well furnished room, stunning actually. We had booked a twin room, so I was shocked to see two double beds in our room... no uncomfortable night sleep for us! It also had an en suite, big TV and most importantly two fluffy dressing gowns. Needless to say we were in our swimming costumes, gowns on in about 20 minutes of arriving.


We then went for a wander. The entrance of the castle is beautiful, so well furnished and maintained, the drawing room was spectacular, a fire blazing and everything. The attention to detail everywhere is incredible, the wallpaper is even luxury. There isn't a moment I thought they had skimped on anything. From marble units to the portraits on the wall.. everything is fabulous.

But I must admit the main attraction for me was the spa reception. Purpose built yet blends beautifully in with the castle next to it. In the middle there is a huge fake tree with lights, comfy seating around it and a glass roof above. It really is the perfect focal point for somewhere so relaxing. I couldn't get enough of this space.

I will also mention the toilets. Think luxury then times it by about 10. The toilets have buttons. YUP! you can use a lady clean function, it even has a dryer. I must admit I was not a fan, but hey - what a statement!


If you stay for the night, you automatically get a 3 course meal in the evening, breakfast and a 3 course meal for lunch. The food is INCREDIBLE. You get a choice of 5-6 different options, something for everyone.

For our evening meal we had the Avacado salad, then the Duck (which was so, so perfectly done) then the chocolate cup for pudding. We then finished things off with a coffee in the drawing room.

For breakfast you go in your dressing gowns, how cool. We had fresh fruit and yoghurt, I then had the meat and cheese platter. My mum had a full cooked breakfast too, which looked fab!

For Lunch we were ready to leave, so it was the perfect end to our stay. We had broccoli and stilton soup (which was amazing!)  I then had the beef stewed in soy & chilli sauce with rice then a baileys cheesecake for pudding.

The food here really is something special, all local and seasonally done. The chef is a perfect match to the location, and just makes the stay even more enjoyable.


I would also highly recommend going for a drink (or 3) in the Spa reception. Grab a seat under that spectacular tree and enjoy a cocktail. I can't even remember which ones we went for, but they sure did taste good!

The Spa also offers the Flora Teas, I had never seen them before, but they really are worth ordering just to watch them grow. Flora Tea is a green tea. They come in various flavours, but instead of a tea bag they come in the form of a dried flower. When you pour the hot water into the glass - the flower then grows as it installs all its moisture. It really is beautiful to watch (tastes pretty good too! (the tea not the flower, don't eat the flower!))


Now, onto the main feature, the spa.

Now for us girls, we have access to the most (sorry boys!). In the changing rooms there is a "experience shower" which you can choose various types of rain, tropical is amazing.

You then have a laconium room, (pictured below with my feet) which is all room temperature, its an odd experience not to feel hot or cold... my mum loved this. There is also two different steam rooms. One really stank of feet, which I didn't like - but the other was extremely humid, really cleared the air waves!

The latest addition to stobo was the relaxation room. My mum was already to take a nap in there, but I was too busy admiring the d├ęcor. Everything from the wallpaper, lighting, features is so well thought out... it's one fancy place to take a nap.

In the main area there is yet another steam room (boys are allowed in this one!) there is also a sauna which was definitely one of my favourites. The perfect heat to feel like you are baking (not cooking)

My absolute favourite had to be the out door hot tubs, the contrast of miserable cold rainy Scottish weather and a warm tub is just fab, only downside is you aren't allowed a cocktail in it! We spent well over 2 hours in here across our stay.

There is also an indoor hot tub, which in my opinion just wasn't as fun!

The main feature of stobo though has to be its swimming pool. 25 metre infinity pool with a spectacular view. I would happily swim and take photo's in here all day and night. It is the most perfect location.

*Insert loads of pictures*


Stobo also offer various fitness classes either in their gym, or in the pool. We went to the aqua fit class, which was really really good fun. Well worth going to if you get the chance.

Although stobo offers endless treatments to pamper yourself, we didn't actually go to any. We had a fantastic time just enjoying the facilities. But if I were to go to one, I heard endless good comments about the hot stone massage, which I may treat myself to next time.

I should also note that it has stunning grounds and gardens, but as the weather was so bad, we didn't get to see any of them. Maybe next time huh?

Oh, and if the weather is good (not raining) they will wash your car too.


So there is my stay at Stobo, I hope you enjoyed a slightly different post, and I do hope I have encouraged you to come and enjoy Scotland in the best way possible, I know i'll be going back this year.

Our night, food & spa access at Stobo Castle cost £129 each (+£11.45 for drinks)

Stobo castle is located south of Edinburgh near Peebles.

You can check out their website HERE

(this is not a sponsored post in any way, my gran and mum gave me vouchers for my Christmas to use, just thought I would share the experience!)

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  1. Wow, it looks fantastic! I love a spa getaway x

    Kiran |

  2. I need holidays and a short break like yours! This place looks amazing, I am sure after a relaxing day, it was so hard to leave :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  3. this is very beautiful place and i love the view of the swimming pool! x

    jess x |

    1. its lovely isn't it? obsessed with the view :)

  4. I am going for my birthday this Thursday and I am so excited, even more so after reading this post. Are they okay with you taking photos? Did you need to ask permission? :)

    1. They didn't have a problem at all with me taking pictures, I didn't ask either. But im assuming it was fine, as they retweeted photos I took! You will love it, so lucky to be going, have an amazing birthday! It's incredible :)

  5. That looks amazing you just made me wanna go there even more....

  6. Oh my! This love looks beautiful! Its my friends 30th at the end of the year so maybe I will treat her. Am intrigued about the toilets... its really wrong but I wanna see a picture! haha.
    kate xx

    1. of all the pictures I took there I didn't take a photo of the toilets! Wish I had! It reminded me of Cars 2, when Mater is trying to work the toilets in japan, lots of women squeeling in shock lol


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