Spring/Summer Nail Varnish

The minute the better weather arrives my nail colours suddenly change from dark purples and reds to more spring summery colours, so here are my top shades to last you all summer..

1. Revlon ColourStay Gel Envy in "Full House" (wiout a doubt my favourite shade ever. Definitely most used. This shade just lasts all year, no matter the weather this is a go to. During summer it just ties in with pretty much every outfit or occasion, this is the one I go to for my toes!

2. Nail's Inc Lexington Gardens  (£15.00) is a very close second to Full House, the perfect purple. This can be tough to find in stores, but worth hunting down. It is beautiful, and one I would say is worth its £15.00 price tag!

3. Barry M 308 "Berry Ice Cream" (£2.99) This is the shade I chose today, its a soft lilac which just screams spring. This formula is my favourite too, Barry M classic Nail Paint really is awesome!

4. Orly Cake Pop (£5.15) now this is something I wouldn't typically go for, but it really is beautiful on. This shade is actually a pink, but such a pale pink its almost white. This is stunning, but be warned you will need a good 3-4 coats to get a solid colour. Essie's Allure looks like a pretty close dupe, if this one is hard to get a hold of!

5. Essie Muchi Muchi (£7.99) This is another one you will need a good amount of coats, but worth the effort completely. This is the ideal spring summer pink. I have used this at the past 3 weddings/hens I have been to, very girly (yet subtle)

6. Barry M 279 "Bright Pink" (£2.99) I think every girl needs a bright pink in her stash, especially for summer. This is the one I use the most - a true Barbie pink. For when I am feeling like Malibu Barbie the week once a year the sun actually shows itself in Scotland!

7. Lottie London "Buttercup" (£5.99) This has quickly become my ultimate go to nude. The perfect peachy undertone. I must say when I am wearing this my hands definitely looked more tanned, and you cannot complain about that.

8. Barry M Gelly "Papaya" (£3.99) The perfect coral. This is the one that goes first into my suitcase if I am away on holiday, for some reason it just screams sun, sand and holidays. Thanks to its Gelly consistency - it also wont chip easily and will go on like a dream too. Totally perfect with 2 coats. Hello summer!

9. Rimmel London "Bee a Honey" (£2.99) Now this is summer in a bottle. This is a shade to go for if you are feeling brave and bold. I actually got this one to do a rainbow nail (yeah I do that haha, one nail a different colour) but I love the colour of this one. It's my perfect yellow.

10. Illamasqua MILF (£14.50) I tried to find a doupe for this one but honestly couldn't. It's such a unique colour, definitely not pale enough to be pastel, yet not quite green enough to be bold. This is spring in a bottle, and I can see myself using this constantly over the next few months.


Now every girl needs these 3 in her stash all year long. They will stand the test of time, and become your best friend time after time.

First up is a classic red. Right now my favourite is Ciate's Hutch (£17.00). A red will never go out of style, and this one is just perfection. If you are going to invest in a nail colour, pick a red.

Last of all is top coats. My favourites are by Barry M (they really can do no wrong when it comes to nails) the Gelly Plumpy Top Coat will ensure your nails don not chip for days, and really give them an extra sheen, or if you prefer a more matte finish, the Barry M Matte Top Coat is the one for you - it will turn any of your standard nail colours Matte, and protect them from chipping too.

Which colours do you go for in spring/summer? Do you have an ultimate favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Also has anyone ever actually finished a nail polish?? Is it possible? I use my Top Coat all the time, and even that is still practically full! Let me know if you have?

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Looks so beautiful!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. So many pretty Spring colours! :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

  3. I love bright nail varnish over the summer! I'm so bad at taking it off when its chipped though ha.

    Corinne x

    1. me too haha, i just change it when its more nail than polish, I only change it about twice a month lol

  4. Love the pinks and the coral shade! I've never finished a nail varnish. I've had some where I've got more than half way through, but then you nearly always need to throw them away anyway, because by then they go all gloopy! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. haha I'm glad you agree, and well done for getting half way through, thats awesome!

  5. Love the purple tones!

    Take care doll! Kisses,

  6. Oh GOD I'm so predictable - my eyes literally doubled in size when I clicked on this post and saw all of the pretty shades lined up haha! Essie Muchi Muchi looks gorgeous and I know what you mean about the effort of many coats being worth it, I have a Ciaté shade like that.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Haha thank you! im the same, such a sucker for nice colours! :)It's so worth the effort :)

  7. So many gorgeous shades, love the pastel ones for spring :)! Essie & Barry M are some of my favourite brands for drugstore nail polishes x

    Beauty with charm

  8. Wow all those nail polishes look gorgeous. x


  9. What a lovely spring palette, my favourites are the Barry M Bright Pink and Nail's Inc Lexington Gardens, both pretty shades and definitely something I would wear on my nails!


    1. They are lovely arent they, I love them both :)

  10. Love all these colors!

    Adi xx


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