2019 Beauty Advent Calendar: My Final Thoughts

Another Year Over...

So, after last year's three advent calendars I had made the decision to only make my own this year. You can view that decision in the final thoughts from last January here.  So I did what last year Erin told me to do: I made another advent calendar.

There were a few last-minute additions to the original lineup - such as the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder in the shade Light - which I picked up in TKMaxx for a teeeeny amount - one of the best TKMaxx finds I have had to be fair. 

I also added the Missoma Amazonite Gold Shield which I picked up during the Black Friday Sale - which is on sale again now, it is SO pretty! This was very lovely to open on Christmas Day! 

As for the contents I have been enjoying using them all - I'm still not 100% of the big hype on the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask though...  (it is VERY runny). The Too Faced pack was just such a steal, I've been loving the Better Than Sex Mascara, the Hangover Primer and the liquid lipstick... oh and the Fresh Lemon Hydrating Balm isn't pictured because it is now a firm staple in my bag... the contents have been incredible. 

Although I picked and loved everything within my calendar this year - and I am positive I will use all of it - I don't feel I had the free time to really enjoy it this year with being back at university full time.  I found myself forgetting days, and not really getting to love it as much as I had done the year before. This has nothing to do with the contents - I LOVE and use the contents... more just my lack of time throughout December to get myself excited about opening all the doors. 

I found myself more excited to sit on the couch at the end of the day with a coffee and the Lindt chocolate balls I also included daily within it.... therefore I believe that will be the plan for next year... to just buy the Lindt one. 

I will forever stand by making your own advent calendar to love and enjoy - but you need to be able to enjoy it - and for me this year - I couldn't really appreciate the excitement of opening it this year which was upsetting. No regrets - I would have purchased the products regardless. But, I would have really liked the month off too. 

Which Calendar did you have this year? What were your final thoughts?


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