Top 10 Shows/Movies I REALLY Wish Netflix Had

Do you ever remember a show, think oh god I so wish Netflix had that!! Well this is all this is... a collection of things I wish Netflix would allow me to binge watch already. Don't get me wrong, I love Netflix, but I always want more, and these being added would keep me happy... at least for a few months anyways... 

1. My Wife And Kids
Does anyone else remember this? I LOVED this show. I don't think I had ever laughed as much as I did the first time I seen this. And even now it's still awesome... I just want to enjoy the process of rewatching them all. PLEASE! 

2. Sabrina The Teenage Witch 
I LOVED this show. Does anyone else remember Nick doing these showdown weekends? Where people would phone in and vote between choices? Sabrina ALWAYS won. Why? Because it was awesome. Part of me wants to leave Sabrina in 1990-2000... where her graphics will always be incredible... but a bigger part of me wants to see it all over again. Salem forever. 

3. Scrubs
I used to watch scrubs on ABC1. It had odd advert times, and was eventually changed into comedy central I think... either way I want to see Scrubs all over again. Damn I loved that show, it was so so good! 

4. ALL of the Mary-Kate & Ashleigh Movies
Billboard Dad, Our Lips are Sealed? Who remembers them? I had them all on VHS Tape. YUP TAPE! I loved them all so much, I want a chance to rewatch them all... so chop chop Netflix 

5. 8 Simple Rules 
I remember this used to be on before the 7pm movie on the Disney Channel. This was Penny when she was still Bridget. Although to me she will always be Bridget, and the fact that the Mum is now Penny's mum just completes IT ALL. 

6. The Middle 
Just because I love Brick & Sue. This show is honest parenting: Chaos. 

7. Harry Potter 
Do I need to explain this one? Really? They are awesome, obviously. 

8. The Vicar Of Dibley 
To me Geraldine and her whacky town just complete Christmas. This would be the perfect show to binge watch mid December, especially the Christmas dinner episode. Comedy GOLD. 

OMG. This show was everything at the time. I think I only watched up to season 5, so would love to see the rest. I want to sing... a lot. 

10. Gimme Gimme Gimme 
Underated, downright offensive and utterly hilarious. But to me this show is just the funniest thing. As a teen, my best friend & I would spend hours upon hours watching this and playing the sims (we were really cool - obviously) To the point we both still know all the episodes word for word. 

So there is my top 10, what things would go on your list? Which things do you dream on binge watching? Let me know in the comments below :) 

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  1. As a kid or a teenager I never really had time to watch any series, except Bananas is Pyjamas because I could watch while I ate breakfast..and Pokemon of course :D I was always practicing gymnastics in the evenings and and no energy whatsoever after practice. Last summer I even watched Roswell for the first time lol. As for movies, a big yeas please for Harry Potter. I'd also love more Disney movies! <3
    Great post hon <3 Hope you're having a fab weekend!
    Emma xxx

  2. Netflix doesn't have Glee? I guess I never looked it up, I just assumed it would have it! I've been wanting to rewatch it lol. I really want to watch the Mary Kate and Ashley movies now! The Challenge was my favorite.

  3. I love this post. WHY ISN'T HARRY POTTER ON NETFLIX!? I also loved Mary Kate and Ashley, I had AAAAALL the tapes.. but I can't watch them now as I don't have a video player :( x

  4. I love so many of these, my wife and kids is always on tv and I never get bored of it! I haven't watched 8 simple rules in yearssss! I also haven't seen the mary kate and ashley films in a while but used to love them!

    Shellie Skillen

  5. My Wife & Kids. What a flash back. I remember putting it on after school because there was nothing else on, but it ended up being really funny. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  6. My Wife and Kids and The Middle is aweeeeesome!!! Love these series so much. That's a great list, thank you for sharing.


  7. Mary Kate and Ashley for sure! Those were my girls when I was growing up. I believe I had every movie they ever made. Idk what happened to them though lol. Happy Week <3

  8. Yaaaaas, Scrubs! It's one of my top fave TV shows and I love it so much!

  9. I have just watched all of the Sabrina - adore them!! I just love a good box set!!

    Rachael xox


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