October: Wishes & Regrets

October, dang I do love Autumn, and this month is just everything Autumn. Here is everything on my mind this month, the things I am after, and which things I wish I hadn't bothered with! 


to drown in a bath of PSL? no a bit much? oops. 

But seriously I am obsessed with Autumn this year - even more than usual. I love all things Mustard and Burnt Orange just now, I will buy anything if it is in the right colour, no joke haha. 

But I would really love to find a nice small handbag, but I cannot find one anywhere... not one I like enough to buy anyway. So any recommendations please let me know! Bonus points for anyone who manages to find a mustard one lol 

More than anything this month I really want to just spend time with my son, with college, school, work and life we haven't had much proper time together since August now, so really looking forward to just spending the holiday with him. This week will be his week... but I also plan on catching up on blogging, so make sure to leave me your links so I can check them out. 

Oh and I was lusting after the HourGlass xmas launch (the marble one) but I went and bought it... *oops* post soon! (If you are dreaming of it too, SpaceNK has £15 off £60 at the moment...) 


My regret this month is pretty heavy... so here goes. If you are in school, make sure to do your highers (think they are A levels in England?) , yes it seems pointless at the time, but THEY HAVE A POINT. Seriously, older you will thank you if you do them. Also, don't go to Uni because you should, or because you are good at a subject, do it because you LOVE it, do it because its what you want to be when you "grow up" don't feel pressured into going, because now at 25 I know what I want to be... I wasn't old enough to make the decision at 17. 

Which things are you wishing for this month? Any Regrets? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  2. Totally feel you about your school regret.. But stay positive and make your wishes and dreams happen!




  3. Great post, thank you for sharing, Zara have some cute smaller handbags in stock at the moment :)

    Camille xo


  4. I hope you find the mustard or burnt orange bag of your dreams. Try Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Mango or Promod.


  5. Burnt orange is such a lovely autumnal colour, I hope you find a nice bag (and I'd love to see it when you get it) :) xxx

  6. I've been buying so many autumn-appropriate clothes, I'm more of a burgundy girl though! Have a great time with your son x


  7. Mustard and burnt orange are two of my favourite colours too, I feel ya on that one! I am so happy I came across your blog today, you seem so lovely and are really talented at what you do.. keep up your amazing work! x


  8. I actually saw a really pretty small mustard bag in Accessorize a couple of weeks ago, it has a bit of a chain handle and push lock at the front I think? Tempted to buy it myself actually, its dead pretty!

    Also that palette! *heart eye emoji*


  9. Great post, Have you tried Zara for the bag they always have gorgeous bags. Gemma x

  10. Uhhhhh I keep seeing that marble Hourglass launch - it's SO beautiful! I'd try ASOS / Zara or Accessorize for small autumnal bags love - Zara always do great small bags so definitely check there first!

    Hayley xo

  11. Haha I'm with you loving everything Autumn related and themed right now - this season is SO gorgeous! Your point on going to university is so true, going because you think you 'should' or don't know what else to do isn't the key, whereas going to study something you're passionate about totally makes sense :) So interesting to read your thoughts! Also, the thing I'm wishing for right now is for Christmas to come sooner!! haha :)


  12. I have also just been and splurged on the Hourglass new palette, I am obsessed!

    Danielle xx

  13. Definitely check out Skinnydip London or Zara for bags, both do some really fun ones! xx

  14. great post :) I didnt go to uni when I was 18 because I didnt know what I wanted to do, I'm 21 now and still haven't decided haha!


  15. I love Autumn and I can get anything that's berry shade and burnt orange sounds good too! When we are young, we can't seem to decide what we really want to do with our lives. Education has no age, no matter what age you are at, if you're committed you can do it. I completed my masters when I was 27 so not that bad ;)

    Ela BellaWorld

  16. I hope you have a good month! I'm loving mustard and burnt orange at the moment too x



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