Why I Buy High End MakeUp

Buying high end makeup is something that people either understand - or they don't. Just like how I will never understand my Gran's need to collect expensive plates, my mum's need to spend all year in her garden obsessing over vegetables and plants, or my friends obsession with anything pug - its just one of those joys in life that you find yourself needing more of, the things you find yourself looking at day in and day out.

What I really dislike is when people try to belittle it. "You don't need that much makeup" or "You only have one face" - Well yeah - I do only have one face, and no I really don't need this much, but how many people actually NEED anything they love and show an interest in? Not many. You don't need anything other than food, shelter and basic clothing, everything else is a want, it is a luxury. People just have different luxuries. 

I then see people making comments like "Well why would you buy high end when the drugstore is exactly the same?" I find that one harder to explain.... My typical answer is usually something to do with the shade range: I'm pale with a neutral (yellow) undertone. Not many foundations at the drugstore tick this box, and not many drugstore brands hold as much options as the higher end ones... 

but then really that is a lie. I know a few drugstore foundations work for me, and I know that the likes of Make Up Geek can blow the shade range out of the park when it comes to eyeshadow... so why do I still splash out? 

Because I love them. 

There is something incredible about that feeling of walking away from a beauty counter with a bag... That feeling of opening a luxe palette and seeing the amount of detail they have put into the product and the packaging, pulling out a Charlotte Tilbury lippy in a bathroom.. and just feeling like a Goddess - 'cause you're just so damn fancy. 

I get it - it is silly, I know the drugstore can just smash it on quality - and I know it is practically the same product.. I just don't care? That sounds terrible, but I don't. I want the brand, the feeling, the fancy behind a higher end product.

And as for total copies like Make Up Revolution, I just am not on board with them. My brain just tells me you would MUCH rather save up for a month and get the real deal. I just dislike paying £4 for a lipstick when I could buy the real one for £24, my brain tells me which would you love more? - 6 MUR lippies? Or one Charlotte Tilbury which you will love more than anything? But hey, thats just me. BeautyByTheBunny did a whole post on that which you can read here... 

It's not that I hate fakes, hell I have a fake Chanel Boy Bag which I love. But that was £20 vs £5000,  would I love a real one? HELL YES. Will I ever be able to afford one? Probably not. But I can afford the occasional £24 lipstick (Even if it means not spending a bomb in boots every month!)

I think I just got fed up of spending £30 in boots on things just because they were cheaper, or because I thought I could.... when the joy of owning a Dior lippy is 10x better... and I bet you would appreciate it more too.

Hey - Maybe I am alone here, but for me... its all about them feels.

Do you buy high end makeup? Which item is your favourite to buy? Or maybe you think I am crazy? Let me know in the comments below 


  1. I'm totally on board with this Erin! Although I haven't bought new makeup products in a while. But when I think of which ones in my collection I use the most and appreciate the most, it's the expensive ones. I think it's because I probably and hopefully put a tad bit more thought to it when I purchase a more of an expensive product. And I almost always ask if somebody could try the product on me and give a second opinion on it before purchasing, which isn't usually even possible in the drugstore. I can't afford to buy multiple shades when going for the luxury brands, so I really have to pick the right one and so it becomes more special to me.
    So yeah, I totally understand. And it's very similar with workout clothing, which I'm crazy about hehe :D
    Happy Easter lovely <3
    Emma xxx


  2. Erin, you're not the only one here. Everytime when I got a package from Sephora in my mail box, I always act like a happy kid. I can spend hours staring at the product a feel joy and happiness. When I bring something from drugstore, I just don't feel that happy. I also agree, that I don't get the hype about brands like MUR. I always appreciate originality, what is actually MUR doesn't have. I would end this, buy what makes you happy and don't care what others think about it.
    Happy Easter!

    Michelle Morchella

  3. I'm totally with you on this, there's something about splashing out that just makes you feel good :)


  4. I'm definitely someone who likes buying high end makeup too. I still use drugstore products, but there is definitely a difference in quality when it comes to performance and ingredients of high end products. While I get splurging on makeup isn't for everyone, I don't see a problem with it!

    xo, Liz

  5. I 'm not like that!I feel stupid when i have splashed my hard earned money on something i could actually have gotten for less money and still get the same quality.Now don't get me wrong i do own high end make up items but it's only because i actually DO find them better than the drugstore ones not because i feel like a goddess having paid much money for it.
    Like the BECCA highlighters for example.I haven't found anything better on the drugstore market.Also i do love my high end brushes.Real Technique ones are just not my cup of tea.But no way i would buy something only because it is considered high end and has an awesome packaging.If there is a way i will save my (once again hard earned)money i will!

  6. I completely agree! I have friends with a dozen pairs of Nike shoes but they insist that they want more, and I don't see why I can't do the same thing with makeup. There really is a great feeling when you pull out a high-end lipstick in the bathroom x

    Beauty From Katie

  7. I'm totally with you! Spending money on products with beautiful quality packaging or all of the fancy mini brushes they come with is somewhat addictive! There is nothing like treating yourself to an expensive product that you've had your eyes on for a while..

  8. I loved reading your take on high end beauty products! I personally think if you had the money then it's very okay to splurge some on something that you really want in your life 😊

    Lenne Zulkiflly Blog

  9. I strongly believe that we must purchase whatever makes us happy, either it's expensive clothes and shoes or high end makeup. I haven't purchased any high-end makeup product or skincare in a long time now but I would if I had the money to spend, a beautiful YSL lipstick for example with that gorgeous gold tube would look lovely on top of my dresser!!! Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend Erin :)


  10. Love this post and I completely agree with you. I never buy drugstore makeup. I know it has improved massively but I found the difference in products so ridiculous you'd have to work hard to get me to try them. A MAC lipstick or eyeshadow will have an impressive finish that lasts and the products themselves last ages too. I feel like buying high end makeup is an investment and don't let anyone make me feel bad for that. Plus it's pretty and I like to have pretty things haha xxxxxx

  11. I like a good mix of both as you can get done really gems in the drugstore xx

    www.GemmaEtc.com 💕

  12. Yes to this whole post! I love high end products, my instagram is littered with the photography of the beautiful products I've squirrelled away over time, I hate comments such as you mentioned where people look down on you for buying high end makeup but honestly, holding that chanel bronzer in my hand is worth every negative comment I get.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  13. I am a sucker for high end foundations, I seem to buy at least one or two every single month!

    Danielle xx

  14. "Because I love them" is more than enough. Everyone has their own pleasure: my mom buys designer purses and shoes, my husband is a sucker for sunglasses and watches. I love looking and feeling the packaging of high end makeup. Which reminds me, I'm dying to try the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks!


  15. I mostly buy high end makeup not only because my sensitive skin doesn't like drugstore brands (most of them irritate my skin) but also because I love spoil myself with high quality products. So, I totally understand you.

    Nina's Style Blog

  16. I'm totally with you on this! I know it sounds ridiculous but using high end makeup just feels much fancier than drugstore - even though it might work just as well as the high end. I love nice packaging & good quality products It's funny, I might balk at the idea of spending £50 on a top but I've no problem spending it on eyeshadow!! xx


  17. Thanks for making this post Erin! You are very honest which is awesome because not many bloggers would say things as plain and true as you do. Thumbs up for that! And I can totally relate to your post. A couple years ago I could buy a Barry M nail polish each week. Now, I treat myself once every three or four months to a beautiful YSL polish because why the hell not. In the end I do spend less money than I would if I splurged on drugstore makeup - you know, because everything is so cheap you end up buying £30 of crazy nail polish shades that you'll never wear. However if you decide to go for a Dior polish, you'll be sure to pick a shade you know you'll love and enjoy wearing because it feels kinda special. We are all influenced by the luxury industry, and it doesn't have to be seen as a pointless or vain thing!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Spring in Warwick, England | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/spring-day-in-warwick.html

  18. I say do whatever makes you happy! I love high end make up too. I tend to mix and match drugstore with high end make up nowadays x



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