Gourdie Croft: Beefeater Kingsway West Dundee Review*

So a few weeks ago the Beefeater chain contacted me and asked me if I would like to come along to their newly renovated restaurant in Dundee - so how could I refuse? I love food.. so I took my mum along for lunch and we ate way too much good food, and had a good gossip. 

I'm not all that great at food reviews, so I will leave it up to the pictures... but I will say the Sharing Potato dippers are flipping INCREDIBLE - and if you have a Beefeater Grill near you, you need to check them out. They are like Nachos but potatoes... and that sauce? AAAH. SO GOOD! 

They are really well priced, we had a share starters, two big mains, two puddings, drinks and two coffees for £55... we practically rolled out - so full, yet so good.

As for the renovation? It is looking fab, they have gone all rustic, very pinterest, very photogenic.. with a lot of cows - which is just so quirky and unique. I love the styling, and I love the new orange logo. I was seriously in love with the cow plates too... 

It feels so cosy and warm, and could see myself heading there with my MacBook for a coffee (and probably the potato skin starter), definitely worth giving a try. 

But anyway, here is a whole load of photos from our time there, I hope you enjoy! 

*psssst they also have costa! - we got one to go! :) 

(The starter was the Sharing Potato Dippers - then I had the Double Bacon & Cheese Steak Beef Burger, and my Mum had the BBQ Chicken'n'Ribs - for pudding I had the banoffee pie, Mum had the Lemon Sorbet - Then we had a Vanilla Latte Each)

Have you ever been to a Beef Eater? Do you have one local? What is your favourite thing to order? Let me know in the comments below :) 

You can view opening times, the menu or book a table here


*For clarity, once again I was invited by a PR agent to attend Gourdie Croft for a meal to review, this in no way has affected my opinion - the food really was incredible... I will dream of those potato skins. NOM. 


  1. Damn, this look sooo good. You just made me hungry even I just had a breakfast though. If I'll ever visit your country, I visit this place for sure. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  2. I haven't been to a beefeater in years!!! I didnt even know they still existed! I hope we have one down here. If they do, i'll potato skin it all the way lol.
    Kate xx

  3. This place looks amazing and so those the food. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  4. hmmm the food looks so good!! Got me hungry right now

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. Really should not have clicked on this post when I'm hungry!! The food look so good and those nacho like potatoes look amaaazing!! We don't have one anymore near us (I'm sure we used to). Will have to have a look online and see where our nearest one is. Really good price too for two!
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes


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