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MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch 

An obsession with Apple is something people either completely relate to, or find completely repulsive. I know I have an issue, there is no need for me to own so many, but at the same time, they bring me so much joy and ease in life. Even if I feel like a complete douche with all my apple products. 

The typical issue with Apple is that other manufacturers create the same - if not better technology for less money - I won't deny that in the slightest, in fact, I agree whole-heartedly. BUT, does it stop me buying from them? No. Does it stop me wanting a new phone? No. Maybe I'm brainwashed - but I'm happy with my overpriced apple products. 

So I have a full set. Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Macbook. If I had my way I would have an iMac too, but still - I cannot justify that yet. 

The iPhone was first into the collection. Back in 2010 when it was a 3GS, then a 4, then a 5S, then a 6S+ and now my 8+. Sure it makes me want to cry whenever I lose the *new phone feeling* every time I convert it over and it looks EXACTLY the same as the last phone, but damn is the camera  SO much better. I am so impressed with the 8+ camera. The portrait mode is just amazing. 

The iPad was next up. I got a 3 back in 2012 - then two months ago replaced it with a new one. This is just the standard size, normal (non-pro) iPad. I have a pencil to go with it which is so fun, but I mostly use it for watching Netflix in bed... I see this as a big iPhone, non-essential, but makes life that little bit simpler. I use this at college for notes and I love using this to schedule IG and Twitter posts. 

My baby, the MacBook Pro 2015 Retina Display is my ultimate. There are no words to describe my love for this chunk of metal. It just knows me, it knows all my passwords, it has my texts, my calls, WhatsApp, it has all my photos instantly there from my phone, it knows what pages I am looking at on my phone, it types like a dream and photoshop and movie editors are a freaking dream on it. This without a doubt is the best purchase I have ever made. And I can honestly say I will not be without one now. Windows laptops just don't come up as close to this. If you have ever worried about the cost - I would pay it over and over. Worth every penny. 

I also have an Apple Watch (The 3G one), in total contrast to my MacBook this is my least essential item. But it is the sort of thing you don't need - but you definitely miss if it isn't there. I love it for Apple Pay, the convenience of not having to open your bag outweighs looking like a dick. The ease of going out and not needing a phone with you - but still getting calls, texts, IG notifications. I also love it for skipping songs in the shower. I can control my music through the watch. Sure it isn't required, but those little perks just make life so fun. 

 Them all collectively just make life simple. I can access word documents and files on my phone from the cloud via my phone or iPad. Everything is just synced beautifully, everything you need there at your fingertips, no transferring or fussing. Just simple. And sure it isn't essential, but for someone who has a list of mammoth worries, having a simple tech life just makes it all seem easier. 

Of course with matching Apple Products I had to have matching cases. All of my tech is bright and colourful thanks to CaseApp. I have loved their cases for about a year now - and I love how incredible their designs are - and you can design your own too. This one is "Color Explosion" by Jenna Rainey, and I just loved the colours. These skins and cases protect your Phone, Laptop and iPad without making them bulky and unattractive. 

Plus, it's kinda awesome being able to have them all matching. It makes me happy to look at them, and I would highly recommend checking out CaseApp for their designs, they are SO cute! 

Are you an Apple Junkie? Or do you prefer Android? Let me know! 


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