Too Faced Peach Collection Arrives At Debenhams! (At Last)

The Collection I have waited for AGES for... 

Anyone who has this palette will know, I have been wanting it for AGES. The reasons why I hadn't bought it yet comes down to 1. Refusing to pay shipping to buy directly from Too Faced, and 2. I live in Dundee, Scotland. MILES away from the London flagship store (A whopping 466 to be exact) 

So when Too Faced FINALLLYYYYY launched the Peach collection on Debenhams it was in my basked and check out before they could say it was in stock. GIMME THE PEACHES. 

I decided to pick up the beloved Just Peachy Mattes palette, and the Peach Perfect foundation, which I thought I would be 100% happy with.... 

The palette is everything I wanted it to be and some. The colours are stunning, and the Too Faced Matte formula is just utter perfection. They are ultra creamy, pigmented, super blendable and they apply like a dream. The shades are a warm, peachy perfection which I just seem to gravitate towards all the time at the moment. I haven't stopped using this palette since it arrived, and I don't think I will be stopping anytime soon. My only bug bear is that 3 shades don't have peach in the name, but really that is just picking at nothing... even if it does annoy me. My go-to shades seem to be Peach Tea, Peach Cobbler, Just Ripe and Peach Punch all over the lid. It's something a little bit different to the typical warm eye, but something I am completely loving. 

I would highly recommend picking this one up for something that little bit different. This is one you need - even if you think you didn't! ;) 

Unfortunately, I did not have the same fortune with the Peach Perfect Foundation. I am SO careful when it comes to purchasing foundation online, because I know I am paler than pale, with a neutral undertone which can be a nightmare to deal with... So I spent AGES looking at the shade descriptions and eventually went with my typical, one up from the bottom "FAIR WITH NEUTRAL TO PINK UNDERTONE" shade... and well, yeah. See Swatch. I have compared my typical shades for comparison, and included YSL B10 which is typically my "summer shade" - (I know stop laughing lol) The Lancome is my perfect match. 

So I cannot wear this. I am both furious and upset... I thought it had been a mistake, but the bottle definitely says Porcelain, and well - that ain't no fair shade *cries* I will reach out to them via twitter to make sure, but I am gutted... £27.00 foundation I cannot wear, and I couldn't shade match in store - because no stores near me sell Too Faced anymore. I'm away to cry some more, brb. 

 So yeah, I am both happy and really disappointed with my Peachy order, what's your thoughts? Would you consider buying either? Have you already? Let me know in the comments below! :) 


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