March: Goals, Wishes & Regrets

I am so determined to make march a good month. SO determined. February was even worse than January, and I refuse REFUSE to have a bad month. I will have a good month! 

GOALS //...
  • Loose 5lbs
  • Read a Book
  • Hit 5,000 on Twitter
  • Try to keep up to date and ahead on my college work... 
  • Use my phone less in social situations, it isn't a crutch Erin. 
  • Hit 1400 on Bloglovin' 
  • Hit 3,500 on Instagram (DAMN THE UNFOLLOWS *cries*) 
  • Sort out my College Interview for August entry! 

WISHES //...

  • Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette (£43.00) - I have been wanting this one for way too long, every time I go to the UD counter I pick it up and mutter how it is so bold yet I want it. So it went to 30% off and I bought it - so yeah this is cheating - but as of right now I don't have it yet. But I will.... 
  • Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick (£17.00) - I have been on the hunt for an amazing red liquid lipstick for so long now, but I could never decide on which one to go for. I really wanted the Jeffree Star one in Redrum? but I hate him as a person, so refused to buy it... so I think I want a Kat Von D one, but not sure which one. If you have any let me know your pics for a red!
  • The Skinny Dip Bunny Case (£15.00) - I need a new phone case, and this one is calling out to me *buy me, buy me* I love the bunny tails. I know they will fall off within weeks... but still... WANT THEM!! 

  • Boys. Men. Twats. Idiots. I seem to only attract the worse in men, I bring out a horrible side to even the nicest man, so I need to stay away from them.
  • 2015. It's bad to regret an entire year, but I wish I could delete this one, well delete the happy memories because they are making the bad ones now 10x worse. (see above) 
  • Loosing my glasses. I swear it has driven me crazy for over a month now. Just buy another pair Erin, they are gone! 

So it turns out getting getting people to follow you on Facebook is hell, please do a girl a favour and give my blog a follow on there (Mail me a link and ill follow you back too if you have one!) 


  1. I really hope that you managed to reach your goals

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. BUY GLASSES ERIN! Lol. I wish I could tell you Prince Charming is around the corner, but sometimes I feel like you just have to make the best pick from a bad bunch! Heres to a good March for you x

  3. Great post babe!

    Love the first regret (boys) LOL. They will always be a pain!!


  4. It's sad to hear that the beginning of the year hasn't been great for you, but with so much left of it, I hope it gets better and better as time goes on! Get yourself a new pair of glasses and treat yourself to something in that wish list!!!X

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  6. I know it must be hard, but try not to think about deleting entire years of your life just because of one thing or one person. Be happy for the good times, set the bad ones aside and buy a nice new phonecase and look to the future, making some fun future plans on your phone! Hopefully your wee man's tooth falls out soon and he can stop tormenting you as well!

  7. I hope you reach your goals! You definitely deserve a good month!

  8. Sorry to hear that the beginning of the year hasn't been great! The only way is up! xx


  9. Sorry to hear Feb was worse than Jan! March will be better, it has to be better! And yes to the unfollows....sigh, I don't know why people do that!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. Aw, hope March is a better month for you Erin!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  11. I hope you hit all of your goals! I really want to achieve 1000 twitter followers this month! X


  12. Sorry to hear that the beginning of your year hasn't been great... I love your goals though especially the whole 'no phone is social situations' one.

    Lauren x Huggled

  13. That bunny case is the cutest thing ever I swear?! I hope you hit all of your goals this month and don't dwell on the negatives too much
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  14. That phone case is so cute!! I'm trying to lose weight and read more as well. Hope you will achieve your goals!

    Anu♡ | Based On | Bloglovin


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