MAC: My Newest Loved Additions

After my last trip to MAC I swore no more this month. I was done... then these happened.
The new collection launched. The minute I see shiney different packaging - I just need to own it - and the fact it was in a shade I had been eying up for a while now.. well it was in my hand and paid for before I could even think STOP.... so here is the "Wash & Dry" limited edition in Morange. (Sold out online)  
Next trip was with my friends, we were on the hunt in Debenhams for a new lippy as a birthay present for one of our make up loving friends, so there I was with my strong head on, "you will not buy anything" on repeat in my head... then boom, one glance at the MAC lipsticks and I seen it... the Velvet Teddy sample out. It was actually in stock. At Last. Needless to say it was bought within about 2 minutes and I was happily walking out the store MAC bag in hand.

Overall they are both beautiful shades, I love morange, at the first application you feel a bit like coco the clown with having such crazy lips, but then your eyes ajust and it just works, perfectly. Great for sunny days (which are rare in Scotland)
Velvet Teddy I must admit is a little disappointing. Not because it isnt beautiful, it really is. But that much of a hype I was expectly liquid gold (or something of equal impressiveness) Definitely worth picking up, but I would recommend Honey Love more.... just to be different!

You can find them both HERE

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