MAC: The Problems with Shopping Online.

Now, you dont need to tell me the value of their new "Eyes on Mac" range is good... but I am still beyond gutted.
This is always a danger with online shopping.... Size differences. 

The minute I seen the new selection of eyeshadow palettes from MAC I knew I had to have one (or three) I was so, so close to grabbing the warm brown one... until it went out of stock online that is.
Luckily the following week I was browsing my local debenhams and clocked them. I was horrified. They are teeny... like tiny small. I couldnt bear to buy one. So I left empty handed ready to cry.
When browsing online things will quite often look bigger/smaller than they are in real life... its part of the package with online shopping. When I had first seen MAC's latest launch I was convinced they were standard size, I mean you can buy a 15 pack for £60... ok ok my hopes and expectations were high.. but still, a girl can dream.
So there I was in store. Comparing them, I came home and checked online, they are almost exactly half of a standard pan at 0.8g each... £5 each x 9 = £45 so a saving of £15... thats if you like all the colours.
Anyway if you are looking to buy this, I have done my deed and pointed out the obvious. They are very pretty palettes, but im unsure if they should be considered as a huge saving.
I would recommend picking up the Warm or Neutral palette instead. If you are looking for a bargain this is it. At £65 you will get 15 full size shadows saving a whopping £90+ - Now thats what I call a bargain.

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