May's Best Bits 2020

I cannot believe what 2020 has turned into... 

Another month over... how is this year going so quick? Yet lockdown seems to be lasting forever. How are you all? I feel I've been cut off from social media a fair bit this month! 

I've been loving using this foundation this month - simply because of the nicer weather - and the increase of spots on my face thanks to the masks at work. So it's been an all-round winner in my books. This one is nearly finished too - I might just need to repurchase it. 

Another favourite thanks to my spotty chin, but seriously this has been SO good for my breakouts. I use this in the morning, every morning - and just find it helps to really clean my skin and deal with the spots. 

I already have two pairs of Iolla Smiths (My favourite glasses frame) so when they launched the yellow pair I just HAD to have them. I don't think I've ever checked out an order so quickly. Yellow pretty glasses. 

Currently on offer as a newer version is out - but I'm loving it. I have an apple watch - but find it too extra, I don't like the fitness tracker on it for just counting steps, and I don't like how often it needs to be charged or how big it is. So - I've been loving going back to Fitbit - simplistic yet perfect, and I can keep it in my pocket at work to count steps. I also love the sleep tracker and the App. Really easy to use and I'm loving being back in the Fitbit fam. 

5. Reading Books 
I blame Alice Spake for my new love of reading. I swap between physical books and Audible, but either way, I'm loving it. If you want to see mini reviews check out my pinned tweet or my IG highlights. Normal People was good though, really good! I might do a blog post actually... thoughts? 

6. Back to Work... 
I've really enjoyed getting back into my Student Midwife placement this month. Being back into the workplace is actually a joy during lockdown - especially doing what I love with incredible mentors and midwives. Just not loving the uni work AND placement, that sucks. But manageable. 

If you had told me about 2020 a year ago I would never have believed you - it seems like we are living in a movie, so much change in such short spaces of time. From Corona Virus to Black Lives Matter - this year is turning out to be one for the History books. 

In regards to Black Lives Matter: 
I cannot complete this post without saying how incredibly heartbroken I was to see what had happened in America to George Floyd. It has really highlighted the ingrained racism in our culture towards BAME people and the privilege those with white skin are born into. I was on a string of nightshifts when social media was trending Black Lives Matter - and since then I have been educating myself around white privilege and how I can be better, and teach my son to be better. So I will be silent no more. If you do not agree and support BLM, please remove yourself from my following.  


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