#MACWeek: 10 items You NEED from MAC

I couldn't do a whole week of MAC without recommending my absolute favourites that you just need in your stash. So here they are! Hope you enjoy.

MAC Melon  £16.00
MAC pigments are just out of this world beautiful. They are so versitile, they can be used with fix plus for the most intense eyeshadow you have ever seen, they can be mixed with lip oil and be made into a metallic lipstick or they can be used loose to give a bit of a pop to an eye look. Melon is the most stunning pinky, rose gold shade. Honestly cannot get enough of it.

MAC BlushBaby £16.00 
This is my perfect not so blushy blush. With my pale skin I cannot pull of a bright blush without looking like coco the clown, so this is the perfect everyday blush shade for me, and the perfect shade if you don't love a really flushed cheek.

MAC Studio Fix Powder £23.50
Oh my lord what did I do without this. Seriously. GAME CHANGER. My oily t-zone is a nightmare, it melts foundation off my nose within hours, but this just stops that from happening, or covers it up when it does. This is my new in handbag essential.

MAC Sumptuous Olive £10.00
Without even a doubt my favourite eyeshadow. This browny, golden, green perfection is the perfect all over the lid shade for everyday use. I am yet to meet someone that this shade doesn't suit. It is just so beautiful.

MAC Beaming Blush £24.50
This highlighter is just completely unique, in the pan it looks pink, but using it, it applies peachy and golden, and nothing like I have in my collection. It is also the perfect shade for pale skin who want a golden highlight. This is one I recommend all the time.

MAC 217  £21.00
This is a cult classic for a reason. The shape of this is just a dream, so many times this has been douped by countless brands, but it is the original for a reason, and it is just a dream to work with.

MAC Select Cover Up £16.00
This is new to me, but still totally different and now an essential to my stash. The formula of this is just so easy to work with. This is what I use to sculpt out my brows and cover up spots.

MAC Lipsticks £16.50
The formula of MAC lipsticks are just out of this world incredible, I am yet to find any I prefer, or anyone with a bigger range. The Mattes especially are incredible. My 3 favourites have to be Mehr, Peach Stock and Honey Love , but I could be here all day listing the ones I love (But we will leave that for tomorrows post!)

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation £23.50
Sure it smells like paint, but I still love it. The formula of this is just so good, it is full coverage, and I mean full coverage - and it just lasts all day long with no fuss. I have run out of this, but it is next on the buy list from MAC.

What is your must have products from MAC? Let me know in the comments below!:) 

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  1. I love the 217 brush too! It's the perfect blending brush. I also love the mac studio fix fluid foundation to and in need of repurchasing. I funnily enough love the smell of it x

  2. I don't own ten things from MAC I think I've got 3 lipsticks in total! I do love the look of Beaming Blush though x

  3. I have some of these products but that foundation burns my face! X

  4. Beaming Blush and Sumptuous Olive look so pretty! I only own one MAC lipstick but I have a list of things to buy when I can afford them. Will definitely be adding these in. xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  5. Yaaay I've been loving Mac Week! So many good favourites here xx

  6. Stop with the mac posts! I can't keep spending money!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha I am so sorry! Today's was the last MAC post for a few days, promise! :)

  7. How pretty are those shades! I love Melon. I really need to get myself some MAC brushes too x

  8. I haven't stepped foot in a MAC store in aaaages, mainly because I get overwhelmed by all the choices. But your recommendation on the Fix Powder seems sooo tempting! I hate t-zone oil -_-"


    1. T-Zone oil is a nightmare! But I love MAC, you should go in and just get to know the layout and the staff are always around to help if you need a hand :)

  9. I love MAC Mehr too! I couldn't be without their eyebrow pencil, it's changed how I do my brows dramatically!

  10. I love their lipsticks! Honey Love and Velvet Teddy are my favorites x


  11. I've only tried one Mac product before, so this helps alot I feel so overwhelmed when it comes to Mac products!
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  12. I need that melon pigment!! I've always wanted it and it actually looks insane in your swatch!!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  13. I really want to get the foundation, but everything you have mentioned sounds and looks stunning! Great post Erin xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  14. So... I now need all of this! Creme Cup is my all time favourite lipstick shade. I also love the Cranberry and Satin Taupe Eyeshadows and my blush, I think it's called Love Cloud.

  15. I've only picked up my first Mac lipstick the other month & I've been loving it. Would totally recommend them x

  16. You have me adding so many things to my wish list!

  17. I want to try the studio fix powder x


  18. I love my mac eyeshadow palettes too! And fix plus.... and their lip
    Pencils.... and....

  19. YAS to the 217 that's my favourite MAC brush and defo more versatile than the 227 x

  20. Mac Melon pigment looks stunning. Xx

  21. I have Honeylove and Blushbaby! Blushbaby is my hoooolygrail, can't live without it! I'm so glad I saw this post, I have to save it and make a list because there is so much stuff that you have that I want to try out!


  22. Beaming Blush looks stunning, I don't think I've ever swatched it! I absolutely love Mehr I don't know what I ever did before I owned it xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  23. Yes to the MAC Studio Fix Powder! I have been using it for 7 years.


  24. There's so many things here that I want to try! I have Sumptuous Olive and it's one of my favourites :)

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

  25. If you don't already own it MAC Cranberry is well worth the investment as is Whirl lipliner x


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