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The Tan Edit, from a pasty chick. 

This post has been a long time coming, but I wanted to wait until I actually had used them before passing a final judgement on their sun powers, and what better time to do it than on holiday? YAY!

So I got the chance to use the M&S Sun Smart SPF30 (£8.75) on holiday and we actually finished it. Both my mum and I were reaching for this constantly, my mum commented constantly on how much she liked the formula with it being non-sticky - I think she was determined to get a mention in the review - so here it is mum, we like the Suncream! The price is fab, and the UVA rating is 5* too, the highest, and on the front of the bottle like a badge of honour, you go M&S, this suncream is fab. 

The UltraSun Glimmer SPF20 (£23.00) is the perfect summer tan treat, especially for those days by the pool and you want to feel that little bit extra. I loved using this on my legs especially. My legs take a lot longer to tan, so having a lower SPF and a shimmer addition was the perfect mix of helpful and confidence boost for my pasty legs lol. 

Autograph Tan is M&S Tanning brand, I have loved trying out their products to help ease me back into the Scottish climate, and help to maintain what little tan I managed to get on holiday. Despite a week in the sunshine, my legs are still 6 shades lighter than my arms, and with the hot weather, it just isn't cute. So I have been applying the Autograph Tan Gradual Tanner (In Light Medium) (£7.50)  to make my legs that little bit more brown, and wow does it make a difference. I have had the confidence to have my legs out over here - and that is a big deal. 

As for my face, I am using the Autograph Tan Gradual Tan Glow-Boosting Serum (£12.50) in my morning moisturiser, this is helping my face match up to my neck - which is helpful at the moment lol. for an extra boost of glow (like on my night out on Sunday) I used the Autograph Overnight Glow Mask (£12.50) this just adds the most stunning glow, without making me look orange or over the top. I loved it. 

I haven't felt this bronzed in a long time, all for maintaining my holiday colouring, its been a while since I have felt this confident about my tan, and its fab. Overall, I have loved trying out all the new goodies from M&S, and as always their range does not disappoint. 

What summer tan products have you been loving this year? Let me know in the comments below


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