My Ultimate Urban Decay Palette

 Ultimate Urban Decay Palette

Do you ever look at all the palettes in your stash and think how incredible it would be if you could take all your favourite bits, and make one, perfect for you palette. Well this would be mine from Urban Decay, and I know - I could probably spend a fortune doing this with singles, but I just need Urban Decay to get on board with a WARM NAKED palette, it is the dream, and in my mind - this is how it looks! 

1. Strange (From the Naked 3) 
This is without a doubt my favourite light highlighting matte shade out of all the palettes, it really is creamy, pigmented and beautiful! 

2. High (From the Naked Smokey)
The perfect warm highlighting shade. I also may have used this as a highlighter once too! 

3. Naked (From the Naked 1) 
The perfect colour to neutralise your base. just as the same suggests, a naked look. 

4. Half Baked (From the Naked 1&2)
Aaaah my ultimate BAE, if you were to ask me what my favourite eyeshadow is, it would be this, without a doubt. It is stunning!! One I think needs to be repeated in every palette, because you can never get enough of it's gold shimmer colour. Love. 

5. Faith (From the Ultimate Basics) 
the warm toned brown every palette needs for the crease. 

6. Chopper (From the Naked 2) 
I love chopper, such a stunning shimmer shade, and so beautiful all over the lid, this would be the favourite if half baked wasn't perfection, its a more orange toned shimmer. Lovely!

7. Extra Bitter (From the Ultimate Basics) 
Every warm girl lovers dream for a palette, and the reason why you should buy the ultimate basics in my opinion. Perfection matte, terracotta shade. 

8. Smog (From the Naked 1) 
*heart eyes* Warm brown shimmers are just everything! 

9. Whiskey (From the Naked Smokey) 
The dark matte brown, needed in a warm palette, and this one is lovely. 

10. Lithium (From the Moondust Palette) 
This to me is the star of the moondust palette. ultra glitter warm brown shade. It is perfection.

11. Lethal (From the Ultimate Basics) 
The purple to mix things up a little, but as it is so dark it will be a nice option if you are unsure on the black. Really beautiful on.

12. Blackout (From the Naked 2) 
A super black black. for a smokey eye of course :)

So if you could make up your own naked palette which colours would you choose? Which shade is your ultimate favourite? Let me know in the comments below! I am all for Urban Decay bringing out a Warm Naked, the sooner the better in my opinion! 

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  1. I always find myself loving different shades out of different palettes and just wishing it was made into one! It would be my idea of perfection and heaven! Extra bitter is such a nice shade!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  2. This was such a clever post idea! I would have never of thought of this! I agree about bringing out a warm naked palette I would definitely buy straight away

  3. This is a really great post! I love my custom made MAC palettes for this very reason! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceBundleGiveaway

  4. this is such a good idea! i love urban decay shadows :)

  5. This is such a clever idea! I only have Naked 3 but I agree with you about Strange! My other faves are Nooner and Factory x

    Laura Wardrobe

  6. Interesting post, thanks for sharing!

  7. What a cool idea! I would definitely go for a palette like that x

  8. Such a good idea for a post! I love all of the shades you picked too, this would make a gorgeous palette! x

  9. These eye shadow shades look gorgeous!

  10. Ahhh such a good idea for a post, I'm such an eye shadow junkie, I loved reading it! My fave is 110 percent extra bitter from ultimate basics.

  11. I think that this is a really good (albeit expensive) idea, and you've created a great palette. I wish Urban Decay did offer that service to create your own palette and for it to be the same price as one of their other palettes... maybe one day!

    Lizzie Bee //

  12. So beautiful! I love Smog, Whiskey and Half Baked. Lithium looks gorgeous too!

    corrie |

  13. Totally with you on this. I love warm palettes and they are certainly my favourite/most worn!

  14. A shade in the middle of the Naked 2 basics is the only shadow I've ever hit pan on so that would definitely have to be in mine! And half baked would be there too!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  15. Loving your picks! They all look so pretty! Extra Bitter looks gorgeous!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  16. I really love this post such a creative idea! I have the UD palettes 1-3 and i would love if i could take out the colours i wanted from each palette.. i would probs pick most of the colours that you have


  17. This as a palette would be amazing! I really love the mooniest palette and hopefully that will be the next Urban Decay Palette I get! Great post!

  18. I love this idea :) Smog and Half Baked are two of my favourite eyeshadows! I need to check out more Urban Decay palettes, I think

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  19. I'd so buy this palette! The Naked 1 is supposed to be "warm toned" but you know... it's not really :Dx

    Anu♡ | Based On | Bloglovin


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