Jord Wooden Watches Review + Competition*

I have been looking for a new watch for longer than I can remember now, I am just so picky with the way it fits, looks, wears, I have always wanted something a bit different, something not every other person has on - and this is exactly that. 

I first seen Jord Watches on Sophie Shohet, I love her Channel and her style - I was all *heart eye emoji* on them the minute she showed her stash over Christmas. I am so used to loving everything she wears, and not even looking for them (She is a Luxe YouTuber) but I was in shock when I seen how well priced these were - so you can imagine my joy when Jord contacted me asking to try one of their watches. 

I went for the Dark Sandlewood and Slate Frankie 35, slightly smaller face than their standard Frankie, but with my tiny wrists it is the perfect fit. Jord even take measurements of your wrist, so they come ready to wear - no trips (and money) for adjustments. 

The Dial and Numbers on my Frankie 35 are grey and rose gold, something which wins every time for me. This goes with everything - surprising wooden is very versatile, so no worries on *what do I wear it with this* - it just goes beautifully with everything. 

I also love how this has Swiss Movement within it, no need to take it for battery changes either - it really is very little fuss - for a very beautiful watch. 

One of the best parts of buying from Jord is simply the packaging. The watches come in these stunning Wooden cases, complete with magnet closure and a drawer to keep your cleaning items. Jord also offers engraving - so you can opt to have your name on them, or anything you want really!

To maintain the watch, the recommend cleaning and treating with their fluid, something super quick and easy to do - and will keep your watch looking perfect. 

So Jord also offered to run a Giveaway via my blog, this gives you the chance to win $100 to use against any watch you choose + everyone who enters will also be sent a $25 voucher. 

The Frankie 35 is currently $179, with $100 off $79, converted to around £60 - plus their standard free shipping to the UK (and USA) you are getting one incredible watch for not much money! 

The giveaway is now open and will run through 1/22/17 at 11:59pm. The giveaway is pretty simple and pretty cool! Anyone who signs up through the giveaway link above, will get a $25 JORD e gift code, and 1 winner will get a $100 JORD e gift code! Both codes will expire on 3/31/17. JORD will randomly select the winner, and email them, along with everyone who enters their prizes when the giveaway ends!

Have you heard of Jord Watches before? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below :)

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*This post is in collaboration with Jord, and the watch has been sent to me. This does change my opinion in any way, and all words are my own :)


  1. Happy New Year Erin <3 I like the watch and your new header :)

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  3. I've never heard of them before, but took a look at the watches and they are STUNNING! I wish I would have known about them for the holidays because maybe someone would have gotten a nice gift, but ah well there's always next year! :)
    x Kenzie //

  4. This is a gorgeous watch! I haven't heard of them before but I will definitely be checking them out. Thanks for sharing Erin, Happy New Year! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  5. I love these watches! I got one when they first came out but they werent as nice as they are now back then!

    Corinne x

  6. That watch looks so pretty! I'm not a watch person really, I should definitely learn to use one!

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  7. This watch looks wonderful. x

  8. I seriously am in love with this watch! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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