May Wishlist

It's now mid may, and here are the things I am dreaming of this month :)
April Recap
you can view April's full post here
1. Morphe Brush - Purchased, and in love - post soon.
2. Bourjois Happy Light Serum - Purchased, post here.
3. Sleek Cream Contour - yet to find my shade, how frustrating.
4.  Revlon Matte Li[ Cream - Purchased, post here
5. MUG Shadows - Have a wishlist still on beauty bay, but original post here.
6. Dunelm Curtains - Purchased, and looking awesome!

Now these are an either or situation. Both Expensive, so no way can I afford both.
So I am going to Edinburgh this month with a group of friends, whenever we do this (about twice a year) I treat myself in Harvey Nicks. I have narrowed it down to Becca Moonstone (£32.00) or Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat (£32.00) I am dreading trying to choose between the two, so please if you have a recommendation let me know :)

So Iain, AJ and I have a wedding this month, I have my dress all picked out but AJ still has to find an outfit. I spotted this shirt & bow-tie combo (£7.99) last week in H&M. I swear it is the cutest thing, and you can hardly complain about the price.

H&M are just so good right now! I have been looking at this White Dress (£29.99) everytime I go in for about a month now, I should probably just buy it already! But I am just so clumsy! Scared I end up ruining it. Maybe I should just go for it and avoid tomato based dishes while wearing it lol
So Iain and I are going through to Glasgow at the end of this month for a concert. I am seriously hoping this means a stay at CitizenM, its usually the deal - I go to a random concert I have no real idea who is playing, but I get to go shopping and stay somewhere nice, its definitely a win - win.

So this one has one I have been dreaming of in MAC. I really want a mineralised skin finish (£24.00) I just have no idea what shade. One of their new ones or a classic like soft and gentle. If you have any recommendations let me know :)
I love wishlists, so let me know what things you are dreaming of this month? And do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. I can understand why the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush is on your wishlist, everyone who tries it seems to instantly fall in love with it! To answer the question, this month I'm daydreaming about summer sandals :)

  2. Loving those curtains from your April's wishlist - they look sooo good! :) And the white H&M dress it really pretty, but I would totally mess it up as well, probably with chocolate ice-cream (it always happens)! :))


  3. The blush at the top is ridiculously pretty oh my gosh, I'm dreaming of a lovely new mac lipstick for the summer :) followed you on bloglovin by the way lovely xx

  4. The dress looks gorgeous, perfect for a wedding party too! Xx

  5. I have Moonstone and I really recommend it, it's the most beautiful highlight! Hopefully you can swatch both of the products to see which one you like better. Have fun at the wedding, that dress is really cute!

  6. Awesome wishlist! Loving the look of that MAC blush/highlighter - so pretty!

    Jasmine | The sixth Disney Princess

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  8. The Becca highlighter and Hourglass blush are insanely pretty! Awesome wishlist!


  9. I have been trying to find Bourjois Happy Light serum alas I couldn't find it in the drugstore here. And between Moonstone and Disffused Heat...alas, I can't be much help because I would love to own both too.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. Personally I would go with the Becca highlighter. Their highlighters are soo pigmented and beautiful and perfect and I could just go on and on lol. Hope you have a fun trip :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  11. All Hourglass products are beautiful (the lighting powder is on my wish list)! Great post lovely x

    Beth Ellen |

  12. ahh I love h&m , they usually have some great things in their sale too! They do a lot of skater type dresses, my kind of dress. x

  13. I've been drooling after Becca anything for ages. One day babes, one day <3
    xox Nadia

  14. I love makeupgeek products! They're so inexpensive and great quality
    Kathy x


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