Let's Talk: Jeffree Star Cosmetics + Androgyny Palette & Swatches

I feel like Jeffree Star is a very marmite topic of conversation. People either like him and buy from him, or don't and have blacklisted him and his products. For a long time I firmly chose to not buy from him, I didn't want to support his actions - the same as everyone else really. 

But recently it has had me thinking... why? 

I am not taking away from his previous behaviour - I don't condone the things he has done, and I don't agree with it. But, he has apologised for it, and he has tried to make amends on his shitty behaviour. 

What has really got me thinking about this all - is the Androgyny Palette. 
If this had been a MAC launch, or an Urban Decay launch, or any other brand - I would have bought it on launch day. I live for a warm toned palette, and this one to me is just perfection. But I didn't... because it was Jeffree Star. I didn't want to deal with the judgemental comments about why, and I didn't want to have to deal with the guilt. But 6 months after the release, I still wanted it, and this week I decided FUCK IT. and bought it. 

I was then undecided on whether or not I would even put it on social media, or the blog, hide it in my makeup storage like a bag of sweeties when you are dieting... But my liking of a palette shouldn't be shameful, it shouldn't be used as something to feel bad about. 

I think the main issue with it all is his name is the company name. I know plenty of shitty CEOs, founders and creators, people who run countries *america* - yet we still go there, we still buy from them, we still respect the quality of their products and the effort that they put into them - but we don't with his brand, because his name and face is all over it. 

We think in our minds that it is wrong, but the love for whatever it is overrules it. Where is the line between morals in personalities and behaviours and simply good makeup or good products? Is it because it is tied to one person with Jeffree? A villain so to speak? But then none of us are boycotting America because of Trump, and he has done WAY worse.... 

So yeah, I bought the palette. Not because I like him, but because the palette is beautiful, and I can respect a well thought out and designed palette filled with stunning colours. 

 Oh and I am no longer hiding the current Jeffree Star products I have - which I bought before the Drama. - So here is some up to date pretty swatches of them too :) 

So yeah, there is my thoughts. I am not Jeffree Stars biggest fan, I'm not even subscribed to his YouTube videos, but I do respect creativity from a brand which clearly he puts a lot of time and effort into, and in all fairness, his liquid lips are flipping awesome, and his shadows are pretty incredible too! 

So yeah, I bought Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. That doesn't mean I love him, it doesn't mean I am buying them to support him, or collecting all his new products. It just means I love makeup, and if I see something I love the look of, I am going to buy it. Just like I would buy MAC from a counter. 

What is your thoughts on this? Are you off buying from him too? What is your reasoning? Or do you love anything from him? Let me know in the comments below :) 

You can purchase the Androgyny Palette here for £40.00 Via BeautyBay




  1. love this palette! also this blog post is great, loved hearing your opinion (which i agree with btw) xx


  2. Deja Vu looks soooo pretty!!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

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  4. I love this palette and yeah he is controversial and does stupid stuff, but you can't help but like these products x

  5. I have a beautiful liquid lipstick from JS but haven't ever put it on my blog or Insta cause of the crap I'll get. Maybe I should? That palette is lovely & the liquid lips are too, my daughters all time fave lipstick is 714 by JS xxxx

  6. I buy products based on how good they are, not who's made them or who's marketing them. And not everyone is perfect in supporting the "good" brands but after JS's recent video where he apologises, I think it's time for everyone to move on. To be very honest, I'm over the whole drama surrounding him. I respect him for being himself. Thanks for sharing lovely! The palette looks stunning. x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  7. I haven't ever tried his products as they have always been tough to get hold of! Maybe soon!

  8. I've never actually tried Jeffree products, I really want to though. I love the look of his lipsticks x

  9. I've recently picked up the Jefferee star eclipse highlighter and I'm loving it. I was just holding out for a shade that would work on my skin tone. I love how intense it is and how massive in size it is! I'll be able to pass it down to my grandkids! haha


  10. Literally the only reason I've never bought anything by him is because we don't get it here. Otherwise I'd have so much haha!

  11. I love jeffree star makeup, it's just makeup and it's so good!! X

  12. I haven't tried anything from this brand but I love the packaging x


  13. I'm so glad you have said this, I totally agree! I have the beauty killer palette and it's my absolute favourite! I'm not quite as keen on this one though so probably won't get it. His liquid lipsticks are amazing! I've got Check mate but want more!

    Beth xx

  14. I'm in the same boat as you, I was a little unsure at first, but soon gave in and tried some things out. I've been after that palette forever, but I'm trying to keep to my spending ban haha! Great post and lovely swatches!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  15. You should definitely share it, everyone has different opinions. Me personally won't ever buy anything from his company as there is alot I don't agree with but I would never tell anyone not to buy from him.

  16. Not a brand I'm into. But if you love it you rock in xx

  17. It's a tough one for me ; I lust after this products as I love the look of them but I think he's a horrific POS so I won't buy it...as for me, that means supporting him as he is currently both the creative director and majority owner of this brand. On the other hand, buy shit if you want and don't feel ashamed of sharing it and loving it if you do. I'm glad you are loving the products xx

  18. There's no denying jeffree makes amazing quality products regardless of anyone's opinions. The androgyny palette is my holy grail and has been since I bought it on launch day. I love the shadows colour pay of and the formula is to die for. Everytime I wear this palette I get compliments and I'm always a tad worried to admit it's a JSTAR palette but your outlook on it is bang on! 💛

  19. How bloody beautiful do those swatches look!? Aw I'm seriously tempted but *for now* I'm sticking to my guns! Fab post though lovely.

  20. I'm glad to hear your opinion, although I don't completely agree! At first I didn't like Jeffree because of the racist comments. I'm glad he apologized for them and I hope he has changed, but even up to a few days before the apology video I see him getting involved in pointless drama and just being rude to people and I don't like the idea of my money going to someone like that. Maybe I would change my mind if I really wanted a product of his, though! I'll give him a few months or years to prove that he has changed and is becoming more professional before I would place an order :)


  21. This is such a tricky situation and I feel you on so many points. I have a few of his Velour Liquid Lips and I absolutely love them, the formula is so good - there is no denying that! I have never really followed him but some of the stories I have heard are pretty awful.

    Cass | CassandraMyee

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    1. I wouldn't buy any of his products personally. But it's your money, buy what the hell you want. No one should fell bad about that. Plus there is no denying that this palette is totally stunning xxx

  23. I completely agree. If it's good makeup, I'd want to use it regardless.

    Little Moon Elephant

  24. So pigmented and bold! If it's good makeup you shouldn't have to make an excuse to purchase or wear it!!

  25. Wow these products are gorgeous. To be honest I don't know all of the stuff he's done but from a glance I do actually like him and how outspoken he is.


  26. You shouldn't feel you have to keep it a secret! I totally agree with you - I'll buy products because I like them, even if that's an unpopular opinion!

    Gemma x | flutterandsparkle.com

  27. It's a really tricky one isn't it! I think just please yourself though lovely, there will always be people who will disagree and you can't please everyone...all you can do is please yourself!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  28. I always think, when people rush to boycott, that it won't just be that one person that suffers, what about all the people involved in making, marketing and selling the product. I don't know about this Jeffrey Star but I do know in our current climate people are very quick to condemn and even quicker to forget.
    ANYWAY! Doll parts looks right up my alley, thanks for sharing <3


  29. This is a really interesting post! Whilst I don't entirely like Jeffree as a person - I think he shoots himself in the foot sometimes as whilst he tries to make up for his past, he then gets himself caught up in drama and/or is very rude which I don't think is great - BUT I think his products are amazing and worth every penny. I adore the look of this palette but I'm just not ready to fork out the money for it yet, however I have a huge collection of his liquid lipsticks - the only formula I'd prefer ever so slightly over his is Sugarpill's, but they have such a tiny range of shades in comparison. I use J*'s everyday - they're comfortable, matte and come in an amazing colour selection (I'm partial to the unusual ones!). There are few brands I don't support based on what they've said and done (I have to say I don't think I'll ever buy from Lime Crime), and that for the most part I just don't really get involved in any of the drama.

    Amanda Jayne


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