Student Midwife Diaries #8

Another month at University. 

I've spent the past month on annual leave and writing essays... which has been fun? I think. Not the essays - but the annual leave aspect is good. We have had two essays to do over the past month - the end of the units for first year. It's odd to think our course work for first year is now complete - finished. Time really does fly.

Essays and referencing SUCK! 

I wish I had something fun to update you all on, something exciting - but nothing exciting is going on. It's course work - that has to be done, but brings no joy - other than submitting it and going for a drink to celebrate. But as Mo said, placement is experience, university is underpinning learning. Both have equal weight and value... but it still doesn't make essays any more fun to write.. *cries*.

But I have finished both essays now, and I put my all into them, so I will be upset if I haven't done well after the time I spent on them. I spent this week cutting up my essay to restructure it, hoping to get the flow a little better - fingers crossed it has paid off. 

Other than essays we have had to do safe medicate, making sure we can give out meds correctly, really wasn't fun - but important. We have done a class on perineal assessment and infant feeding, then lots of prep for going back out onto placement next week. 

I N S T A G R A M   Q & A

Is the Midwifery course harder than you expected? 
No - It's definitely tough, but in a different way. Uni is exactly what I expected it to be, but on placement it is mentally draining. Trying so hard to learn, be nice, learn names. It's like being the new kid at school every day. 

What inspired you to start Midwifery? 
That gut feeling you get when you know you love something, it was my dream for such a long time - I have no idea where it came from. Probably my mum's biology book as a child. I loved looking at the female anatomy and the development of the fetus, weird I know! 

Is being induced really as bad as people say? 
Induction comes with risks, you are putting your body through something it wasn't ready for yet - with artificial hormones, it can often be over the course of a few days too. Because of this, the risk of intervention is definitely higher with inductions. But with the right indication it may be what is recommended for you or your baby. I've been involved in quite a few inductions now, and they were beautiful, calm, relaxed - no different to a spontaneous labour. I wouldn't say they are as terrifying as they can be made out to be. 

What are the skills labs and facilities like at RGU? What sort of skills do you practice in the labs? 
They are in the process of being done up, so we have some new facilities which are really cool. We have a lady who can have a baby - which is fab. So far we have done tutorials on perineal assessment, infant feeding, taking bloods, IVs, injections, palpation, labour. So, so many. I love the skills lab. 

What is the interview process like for Midwifery? 
Good, they attempt to assess your morals, your beliefs, how you interact with others - they want to see if you will fit in with us all. We are a family, all different yet the same in ways. Just be yourself - they will love you! 

Were there any moments on placement where you were really worried about a labour? 
Yes, quite a few. As a first year we are only taught straight forward labour and birth... so to see anything outside that box is scary - sometimes my worry was completely misplaced, other times it was completely justified. I spoke about it in this post. 

What do you dislike about Midwifery? 
Writing the same thing, 4 different times in 4 different locations. Quite a lot of time is wasted on repetition which is annoying - but you can understand why it is needed (well some of it). 

The most challenging thing about training to be a midwife? 
The lack of money. The lack of time to make any money. Being straight, being poor sucks ass. But it will be worth it long term. 

What were you most nervous about going in to your first placement? 
Everyone hating me. Getting in the way, being annoying. I get so scared about people not liking me anyway - so this was a whole new game, and I am faced with it on every placement. My nerves will never fade on that one. 

Home births are being derided in the press, what's the professional opinion and yours? 
I LOVE this question, so I left it until last - I still don't think i'll do it justice. Professional opinion varies depending on which professional you ask. Research shows that women who labour at home (or in midwife led units) are less likely to have an assisted birth, and are more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal delivery (NICE 2017). 

Physiology and anatomy teaches us we progress in labour more efficiently when we are relaxed in ourselves and our surroundings, it aids in oxytocin production. We also labour best on our feet, mobilising and making use of space. All of which aids in the promotion and benefits of a home birth. If you want to get really technical you could even discuss microbiome and the benefits of introducing a baby to their own home environment from the beginning.

The main risk with home birth is the risks. For women who are having a straightforward pregnancy there is no reason - with the right plan in place - that a home birth couldn't be possible (and safe). Home birth midwives are prepared, they have a full back up if required, and transfer arranged if necessary. This is standard NHS care. If we are discussing Meghan and Harry - let's be honest and say they wouldn't require transferring. With the capability of having doctors, medical equipment on site - I highly doubt her highness would need a trip to labour suite for a perineal repair post delivery, or for a CTG, forceps etc she will have it all on her doorstep if needed. 

What is your thoughts on home birth? Do you have any questions? 


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