Student Midwifery Update #3

Three weeks from the end of the first theory block, and three weeks from the Exam. 

The stress over the exam has well and truly set in. The importance of passing - but also wanting to do well, wanting to get a grade that reflects the effort I have been putting in. I wish I was one of those people who could look at something once and know it, but I need to study, and I have been - a lot. So I will be really disappointed if I don't do well. 

This month has been draining. We spent most of this month dreaming of finding out our placements, which we found out last Wednesday. There was never going to be a bad outcome from placement allocation, but I am really happy with mine. I have 4 weeks of labour ward, 11 weeks of community (In different locations) and 5 weeks of wards. They are also really local to me too which is SO ideal with having AJ at home to think about. I'm looking forward to not having to drive to Aberdeen for a bit - that will be perfect. 

At university, we have been focusing on care throughout labour. The theory aspect was SO interesting, I then spent ages swatting up before the practical. I'm really glad I did - I could spend time building on my revision and making the most out of the sessions - so I'll definitely be doing that more now. 

We looked at the first stage of labour and how to encourage active births, we were on balls, we were in the birthing pool. We then helped a mannequin to birth their plastic baby. It was SO good for revision and understanding - to actually see and move the baby into position, to see how gravity can play such a big role in labour, to look at the baby position to move and come out. VERY cool.  

I'm also realising that some of these moments at university won't ever leave me, the knowledge will forever be useful - but some of the moments, the feelings, the reasoning for why I am doing what I am doing. I feel like I spend at least a few minutes a week crying through joy of how lucky I am to be in this position, to be given a chance. 

Mo once said to a woman in doubt "You are a healthy woman bringing life into this world." and to me - there is nothing more beautiful than that.  

Midwifery truly is an art. An art of encouraging and supporting women to understand their bodies, to empower them to have an incredible birth that is right for them and their families. 

Did You Know? 

Babies have to move and twist during labour - this is why an active labour is encouraged. Being on your feet, moving about, dancing, bouncing, popping, rocking - all help to progress your labour and encourage the descent of the baby. Your body will automatically move to accommodate baby through your pelvis - this is why an active birth is encouraged. 

Expectant mothers who educate themselves on the physiology of birth and what to expect typically have a better birthing experience. As much as we can say it is a natural event - our human, thinking brains can often overcomplicate it, or complicate with anxiety and fear. By attempting to switch off that thinking brain will allow your body to relax and be prepared for what is to come throughout labour. This is what Hypnobirthing does - preparation. - But Hypnobirthing isn't essential, check with your Midwife if relaxation or antenatal classes are available to you! 

Edit: RGU Midwifery Teaching Team won an award this Wednesday - Midwifery Team of the Year at The Scottish Maternal and Midwifery Festival. Massively proud to be taught by such an amazing team. 

My phone & MacBook were also due an upgrade on looks, so I opted for this stunning design by Duvet Days (Purchased online) on a CaseApp skin & Case. HOW CUTE? Seriously they are beautiful. I love them. 

I attend Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, studying Bachelor of Midwifery, you can apply or find out more here: 

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