I GOT IN! : Midwifery First Year Goals

I am still in shock... I repeatedly shake myself, like Erin: You freaking DID IT! 

Just in case you missed the hype over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I got into University on Tuesday. I got 3 A's at higher, and completely smashed my university conditions. So I will be studying Midwifery at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, YAY. 

If you want to learn about my life as a Mature, Single Parent Learner you can read about that here

So, for the next 3 years, my life will continue on in chaos, but the best kind of chaos. One where I am working towards what I want to do, something I have wanted to do for such a long time. So I thought I would write up a wish list of everything I want to do in the next year, and hopefully, by then I will have a full list of new things to replace them. 

1. Make New Friends
AAAAH always the scariest part of going back into education or any new job. Making new friends in the same situation. I know a lot of the girls will be school leavers (17/18) but mostly I am just hoping to find people I get along with and have things in common with. We will be spending a lot of time together, so hopefully, they will make the experience even better. 

2. Work Hard & Pass
After doing so well in my exams I am so determined to carry on the same amount of effort into my placements and exams too, I want to go in knowing I am going to give it my all and work my hardest. Going back into university is scary, but I am so excited to get back into the swing of it all. 

3. See A Birth
The birth itself is a small part of the role a midwife plays, but I would be lying if I didn't want to be there for one. My placements won't start until the start of 2019, but I am SO excited to get out and about shadowing midwives. I think helping and supporting a woman through labour will have to be one of the most rewarding experiences. 

4. Continue with Feeding Support
Pretty much all new Mums have anxiety over feeding their newborns. There seems to be no way to feed your child without feeling guilty or oppressed by someone, somewhere. I just hope to continue giving the support women need - whether that be for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. I've been a breastfeeding support worker for the past year - and I do believe breast is best, but I also know how hard it is, how mentally and emotionally draining it can be - and how at the end of the day, what is best is for both Mum and Baby to be healthy and happy. 

5. Share The Journey
There will be lots about the experience I won't be able to share, but with that being said there will be lots I can share too, so I hope to share it all on here or over on Instagram as much as I can - so I hope you enjoy the process with me, hopefully, it'll be fun! :) 

Thank you all for your love and support, so kind


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