Product Review: Too Faced Coco Contour Palette + Swatches

I have been trying to decide between contour palettes for so long now. Mostly due to the best ones only being available in the US,  or them being hard to get a hold of in the UK.

I finally decided just to get a full size version of the Coco Bronzer from Too Faced, I had a sample size and loved it - so with Christmas vouchers to spend I was all set for buying a full size. Then I seen this.

For £7 more, you are getting a palette with 4 shades, smaller in size yes, but everything you would need to contour your face. 

After some investigation I realised how new this was to the UK, so I could barely find any reviews on it. I did however see Kathleen Lights rave about it on her channel, declaring it her go to contour palette, she had even hit pan on her Light Coco Shade - enough of a recommendation for me. 

After using this for almost a month now I must admit how much I love it. the smell.. OMG. Especially the Light coco. Think Childhood memories of eating Milky Bars and Kinder Eggs, its just so so good!

Smell aside the product really is good, I love the light coco as a setting for under my eyes, nose and lower forehead. The Medium Coco is my perfect contour shade. Cool toned and ideal for anyone who is pale like myself (NC15 MAC or 1N1 Estee Lauder)  It is a pure matte shade, no orange. The Dark coco for me isn't perfect for contouring, but it does make an excellent bronzer. But I can see people with a warmer darker skintone being in love with this for a full contour look, but even as a pale girl this is worth the investment. 

The one downside to this is the highlight. For me it is just too chunky glitter, and with the obsession with highlighters and Mary Lou in my stash.... I just don't use it. 

Have you seen this launch from Too Faced? have you tried Too Faced Bronzers for contouring? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Get your Coco Contour Palette here for £32 (Debenhams)


  1. I've been seeing this on Instagram for a while now and it always looked really nice! I can't believe it smells like chocolate, I have to get it now!

  2. This looks so so gorgeous! The smell sounds divine too, definitely a winner for me! xo

  3. I want to get contouring palette, but I want to try cream ones to practice :) Medium Coco looks similar to Bahama Mama, I like cool toned bronzer/contouring powder. After smelling cocoa, I would probably want to eat chocolate :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  4. This pallette looks really nice, I've never been sure whether to get it! Lovely post xx

    Shelby |

  5. It's so pretty! I was going to buy this but the pop of light shade is so glittery that I always end up changing my mind.


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