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Tangle Angel Hair Brush*

Tangle Angel are a brand I have been seeing all over social media recently, and no wonder too, they are SO pretty. So when they contacted me asking if I would like to try one out - I of course agreed.

Tangle Angel – our original detangling hairbrush, is not only perfect for detangling both wet and dry hair, but also makes a great blow drying brush and is suitable for all hair types.

Case App: Phone Case & MacBook Skin*

I really love my MacBook, I love how it speaks to my phone, it makes them the perfect pair at home and at college. The one thing I am aware of is how bloody expensive they both are. So I make the point of always having a case on both of them. 

So when Case App contacted me and asked me if I would like to try out some of their case designs - it seemed like the perfect opportunity to switch up the current cases I was using. 

Project Pan 2017 - Update

Something I have Learned from this: Project Pan is HARD. 

Seriously so so hard. I'm genuinely shocked at how long things take to be used up, it makes me question why on earth I have so much makeup, but strangely doesn't make me stop buying it... but still, finishing up a product is hard, especially a powder product. 

The August Life Update: Doing "Nothing" and Falling in a F**king Portaloo.

I feel like the one thing my blog is always missing is more about my actual life. I mean sure I chatter away about makeup, and will throw the odd bit of personal information into those and favourites posts, but I never actually take the time to update you all on things other than what I am lusting over or purchased in the makeup world. So I thought I would change my structure around a little and play with a life update, let me know if it is something you like, or you would rather I talk about lipstick... because I understand that - I will try to make them fun regardless.

#MACWeek: (BONUS POST) MAC Girls Rockin' Rebel Palette + Swatches

Ok, I have blog swatch addiction where I just NEED a swatch post for every palette I own, so TADDAAA this is the MAC Girls Rockin' Rebel one. Because the colours are just so pretty, and I need a good, beautiful swatch post. Consider this a bonus post from MACWeek. 

So here is the MAC Rockin' Rebel palette, the newest release from MAC. I must say, this is something totally different in my stash, and I am obsessed with the shades in this. I must declare again and make this super transparent, but I did win the palette at a MAC event, but I was not gifted this for review or anything like that - it was a raffle, and just plain good luck! :) 

#MACWeek: My Full MAC Lipstick Collection + Swatches

ok, so I am slightly ashamed to admit how many I have, I mean there is no need for anyone to own this many for personal use - but I have a serious soft spot for a MAC lip... and well, as you will see, a certain even bigger soft spot for a MAC nude lip, sure no one needs them all, but this is my collection, the good, the bad and the "why the fuck did I buy that"s. Enjoy :) 

#MACWeek: 10 items You NEED from MAC

I couldn't do a whole week of MAC without recommending my absolute favourites that you just need in your stash. So here they are! Hope you enjoy.

#MACWeek: MAC Girls Launch Party (Dundee Debenhams)

I do love a launch party, and I love MAC, so MAC + Launch Party and there is no way I am missing it. This Thursday marked the launch of the new MAC Girls collection. Four new palettes with different shades showing new staple looks. 

Each palette is a different vibe, each has 8 eyeshadow shades and a highlighter/blush shade to compliment, they are designed to compliment each personality trait, now i'm really not sure what girl would describe themselves as any of these, but meh, lets go with it - the colours are pretty! 

#MACWeek: Top MAC Eyeshadows + Swatches

What is a MAC week without some eyeshadow swatches? I couldn't go a week without having an eyeshadow post, hell, I can't even go into MAC without getting covered in eyeshadow so there is nothing new there. 

These are the ones I love, the ones I recommend all the time, and the ones I just need in my stash at all times. 

#MACWeek MAC Bold & Bad Lash Review

First of all, the packaging on this is totally cute, velvet lettered effect on the bottle, the red cap, it is just such a nice product to look at, especially for a mascara! :) but lets talk about the product itself and how well it does! 


So I figured this was the best next instalment in the MACWeek - the products I bought because of Fraser... yeah he costs me a fortune with his influence. To be fair to him, all he needs to say is "this is good" and I am all over it like "YES I NEED IT" honestly I need to learn to control my spending in that shop.

Please note that everything here was bought over the last month, but not in one go - not that it excuses my spending but still....

#MACWeek: Make Over With Fraser (Dundee, Debenhams)

I swear there is no better feeling than getting your makeup done by someone you admire and look up to. Fraser is that one person locally for me, he is SO talented, and loves makeup just as much as I do.  His makeup is always flawless, unique, bold. Everything I wish I could do on a daily basis, just total #goals. I think it shows a lot when your local counter and staff are enthusiastic about makeup, about new trends, about influencers and most importantly, what their brand is doing and what could be coming - Fraser is good at all of this, so he is my go to when it comes to MAC. 

So, I decided to book in with Fraser for a wedding, usually I do my own makeup, but with MAC offering a full face of makeup when you spend £40, I thought why not..#treatyoself 

3INA MakeUp: The Bestsellers*

This week I had a surprise parcel through from 3ina (It's pronounced Mee-Nah btw lol) and it had some pretty amazing goodies inside, they decided to send out their best selling products for us to try, and I am so glad they did - because these are best sellers for a reason... 

August: New In Beauty I'm Lusting Over

I spend a lot of my time watching Beauty News on youtube, (their channel is so so good), they upload twice a week just discussing new releases, it can be SO addictive. Watching this and Samantha March talk about new releases in her "Will I buy it" series has made me a tad obsessed with keeping up to date on new launches.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Subculture Palette Review + Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Subculture Palette Review + Swatches

*oh my lord isn't it beautiful* 

I know, its only just arrived, so I cannot do a full intense review, but I find when it comes to new palette swatches is what everyone realistically wants, so here is the swatches and first impressions for each shade! I hope enjoy - and I hope you have found it helpful if you are looking to purchase it :) 

July's Favourites

Bye July! I am so excited for August, I love August, my son turns 6, P2 for him and I start college again! Excited to get back into a proper routine, but here are the things I have been loving this month!

July's Skincare Saviours

As I get more into skincare, I thought it would be fun to do a roundup at the end of each month of the skincare items I have been loving. So this is that. Welcome to July's skincare roundup! :) 

DKNY Dreamsicle & Roses De Chloe From Perfume Click*

I haven't bought a new perfume in so so long, and I am at the point where I have 5 almost empty ones, so when PerfumeClick contacted me asking me if I would like to try their site and pick some perfumes, I was more than happy to accept! 

Perfume Click specialise in designer and celebrity perfumes, but also sell fake tan, makeup, haircare, skincare. There is SO much on there, all at a discounted price, it is really good for finding perfumes that are not in stores anymore. 

An Ode To Elemental Herbology*

Have you ever just used a brand and thought AAAAH I LOVE YOU. Well for me that brand is Elemental Herbology. It was one I hadn't heard of up until recently. It was sent through to me in a PR package along with a few other brands to try, then I fell in love with the quality of the products.

Summer/Beach Hand Bag Essentials

Aaaah Summer. The thought of a hot sunny day does excite me, but at the same time I have the realisation that I need to carry more around with me than I usually would. Simply because we are out enjoying the outdoors more! :) Here are the things that are now living in my big handbag, ready for trips to the beach, or the park whenever the sun comes out to play! :) 

HerClutterBox Clear Acrylic Storage*

It's posts like this that end up being 90% pictures, and for a good reason too. They are BEAUTIFUL. I could spend all day taking photos of it. So pretty, so so pretty. 

Her Clutter Box very kindly contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their 4 drawer storage system, and of course take some pretty photos with it filled with pretty makeup! :) So of course I said yes, I am always looking for new ways of organising my makeup! :) 

SuperFacialist By Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Range*

I have loved using the the Vitamin C Oil Cleanser from the Superfacialist range for so long now. I reviewed it here. And last month I finished up the bottle, and then the brand very kindly contacted me asking if I would like to try out the rest of the range. 

Make Up: One In, One Out.

I say so many times on here OMG I cannot get enough of *insert item* its usually nude lipsticks, brown eyeshadows and highlighters. Because I really can never have enough... 

But there are some products out there that I just will not have more than one of in my collection, I am on a strict one in - one out, won't have two of rule. I didn't ever mean to do this, but these are the things I simply don't feel the need to buy more of - until I am finishing the one I am using. Obviously there will be slight brakes to this, but most of the time this is it. So here are the products that I do this with - They tend to be colourless.... 

Make Up: Summer Beauty Edit

Make Up: Summer Beauty Edit

It's mid summer, I cannot believe how quickly this is going past, and it doesn't even feel like we have had a good bit of warm weather yet! I love doing these posts seasonally, just to see how my makeup preferences change throughout the year and which products I am reaching for. So here is my Summer Edit! :)

Rooi Luxury Living: The Kate Spade Ice Bucket*

I feel so EXTRA right now - and I don't even care. HA. 

Rooi contacted me asking if I would like to review an item from their website, after a look around the one item that was just screaming my name was this Kate Spade Ice Bucket. With it's clear and rose gold spotty appearance - I just couldn't take my eyes off it. 

Sure an ice bucket is totally random, and a Kate Spade one is just SO extra, so I thought I would tell you the 3 reasons I will be using mine this summer. 

July: Goals, Wishes & Regrets

Another month another wish list. Welcome to July. It's summer holidays, so I have lots of plans for this summer, as always these posts just round up what I am looking for this month, and the things I am regretting :) 

Why I Sold My Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (Not Worth The Hype)

Without a doubt the most hyped up palette this year so far, and sure it really is beautiful. I was right on that band wagon as soon as they released the pictures - and I had to get my hands on it - the second of the pre-release. 

The pictures were incredible. I cannot resist a warm palette and this is warm toned goodness. I LOVE the shade range, I love a warm shadow palette. I have way too many already, but alas it is my weak spot, and I never seem to own enough of them. 

New SO...? Fragrances*

I am a huge lover of high end fragrances, but as soon as summer hits and trips to the beach, parties, nights out and festivals become the norm - my taste in scent changes.

Instead of reaching for more intense, deep, sexy perfumes, I opt for something light, quick and easy. I love to smell fresh in summer, and I practically bathe in fragrance on sunny days - which means I tend to go for something a bit less in price to compensate my 10 sprays every few hours! 

Garnier Botanical Green Tea Leaves Skincare*

I was kindly sent the new Botanicals Green Tea Leaves range by the team at Garnier to try, and I have been loving them so far! This new range is designed for those of us with combo/oily skin, and helps to clean, clear and moisturise your face... all at a pretty good price too, what isn't to love? 

Let's Talk: Jeffree Star Cosmetics + Androgyny Palette & Swatches

I feel like Jeffree Star is a very marmite topic of conversation. People either like him and buy from him, or don't and have blacklisted him and his products. For a long time I firmly chose to not buy from him, I didn't want to support his actions - the same as everyone else really. 

But recently it has had me thinking... why? 

June Favourites

Another month, another favourites. Hello July - almost. Here is everything I have been loving this month :) 

Top Nail Varnish For Summer

I love painting my nails, I love looking at the different colours, I love the fresh feeling of just painted your nails, and I love how much cheaper they are than getting them done at a salon. Even with my obsession with buying more and more colours or multiple shades of blue, I am still doing better than buying a set of acrylics! 

So here are my top tips for summer shades this year, and what I think you need to keep your eye on! 

Updating Skincare Storage

For so long my skincare has been unorganised and just madness, it was a big box of everything, no idea of what to use and what to try. So this weekend I decided to do a bit of an overhaul and clean out a cupboard to use. 

One of the highlights of being a blogger is getting the chance to try lots of different brands. I am extremely lucky to be sent quite a lot of different products to try out, so it doesn't take long for a small cupboard to be full, or for me to forget which products I loved using! So I thought organising them by function would be the best way to deal with it. 

Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks (& Swatches)

Lipsticks are without a doubt my favourite beauty product. I typically opt for higher end lipsticks, as when I want to treat myself, its typically done with a fancy lipstick, but there is some from the drugstore that I hang on to, the ones I use and reach for, so I thought I would share them with you - as they seem to survive endless declutters, and still remain among the favourites.

What I Bought In Glasgow - Haul

I spent the day in Glasgow with Caitlin yesterday, so thought I would share with you the bits I picked up while shopping! Just a little haul, but worth while sharing. I'm in love with a bag! :) 

June: Skincare Routine

Skincare routines are so personal, and mine seems to be ever changing, but here are the things I am using all the time at the moment, some new, some old, some trusty, all the highlights! 

Spring Empties

Right now I am looking at all these photos, all these products and thinking HOW have I managed to use up so much stuff in 3 months. Then I got anxiety about writing this post. So here goes, lets go through all the empties! 

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review + Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review + Swatches

I feel like I have been waiting on Urban Decay to release a warm palette for AGES, I mean I did a whole post on it here back in January, and I must admit I was on the right track. I am in love with a warm eye, so I couldn't say no to this pre-release. 

This went live on their website at 11am on Tuesday, needless to say everyone was online buying them, like a bunch of crazed bloggers, so I know a fair few of us managed to get our hands on them. I was on the phone to Angela from BeautyByTheBunny at the time, we got ours together, then Caitlin from Bath'sBeauty got her hands on one too! 

So many of us managed to get one, so I am so happy Urban Decay sorted it out so if you wanted one, you could get one! So it will be nice to see lots of reviews from people who have bought it, rather than PR samples! :) - good move Urban Decay - I see what you did there! ;) 

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi Watch*

I am so obsessed with rose gold at the moment, I'm pretty sure all bloggers are. So when Daniel Wellington contacted me looking to collaborate for their brand new launch of the Classic Petite Bondi  in white and rose gold, how could I ever refuse? It is stunning. 

Wedding: What's In My Bag?

I think one of the big worries when you are a full day wedding guest is how much you need to take with you, do you pack light, do you pack everything? What do you do? So I thought I would run through everything I had in my bag for the wedding. Call it a wedding guest checklist?

June: Goals, Wishes & Regrets

Another month another wish list. Welcome to June. This month is proving to be warm with weeks of rain. I have a trip to glasgow planned so a lot of it will be planning around that! :) 

Battle of the Yellow (Colour Changing) Lipsticks + Swatches

Just incase you missed the Memo, I REALLY love yellow. Like its worryingly unhealthy. I mean check my Instagram, the obsession is real. So when I seen there wasn't one but TWO yellow lipsticks I near enough squealed in excitement. 

So the original, the first, was always Lipstick Queen, they created the Green and Blue colour changing lipsticks too, both of which Barry M is also doing.... but the two are good, and I thought I would compare them, as I know that is what most people will want to know, are they the same?? 

Instagram Morals, What Is Acceptable? How I Gain Followers

So recently there has been a lot of drama going on over Instagram and the morals behind it. Which ways is growing accounts considered as acceptable? Who defines these rules? Bloggers? Friends? Instagram? Who manages these?

Olympus Pen E-PL8 Review

I was really unsure whether or not to do a review on the E-PL8, simply because I am a tad camera clueless. I know how to point and shoot, and play around on the settings slightly, but I am no wiz when it comes to the specs or the tech, but I thought I would share with you my thoughts and first impressions, as most of us who are looking to by the E-PL8 maybe wouldn't have the best camera knowledge in the world, but may be looking to upgrade from their phone.

Face Of The Day: Wedding MakeUp

It seems odd to even post after what has happened today, but from last time, I know some of us were too sad to watch the news, and used blogs and youtube as a way to escape everything which is going on, so please understand I am deeply saddened by what has happened, and I am not trying to take away from that, but as a comfort to some, the post will go live as scheduled.

Last weekend I was at a wedding for my lovely friend, (you can view her wedding here, it was beautiful.) So I thought I would share what I put onto my face for the occasion, as some of you may be in need of inspiration for a wedding over summer! :)

So, Three Sent Me An iPhone...

Without a doubt the weirdest moment of my blogging life so far. Without any prior warning I had a knock at my door, parcel to sign for - open it up... and out falls a new boxed iPhone 7. I actually squealed "What the f*ck" and a "huh" 

May's Favourites

Another month, another favourites. This months favourites is filled with fab ones, ones I have been obsessing over this month.. hope you enjoy :) 

Amy & Andy's Pinterest Inspired Wedding

Do you ever just meet someone and instantly think - "Hey I like you" well this is what happened with these girls. The past year has been incredible, we have been through college together, written a care projects, MATHS!, nando's and nipple piercings, we have been through it all together this year, and I couldn't have picked a better pair to share the experience with. 

For this whole year, Amy has been wedding planning, we have chatted about flowers, lights, cars, bars, seating arrangements, dress fittings... you name it we have spoke about it - and this weekend she got to marry her Andy - and it was without a doubt the best wedding I have ever been to. 

Kat Von D: What I Have, Reviewed + Swatches

Every now and then I stumble across a brand which completely smash it across the board. It's simply every product they launch - its just good. No flops. Kat Von D is that brand to me at the moment. Everything they do is just fab, and every new launch is just improving the brand more and more in my eyes. 

Debenhams Beauty Haul + Swatches

I thought I would share with you all the items I have picked up over the past few weeks in Debenhams. My local one has undergone a huge revamp, and we now have Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown & Make Up Forever - it is looking pretty incredible. Needless to say I have bought some bits - it makes it so much harder to resist when you can swatch the items first.. goodbye money, nice to have known you...