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8 MakeUp Packaging Complaints

Packaging Complaints

I love Make Up, I love buying it, looking at it, using it - you name it. It is something that brings we great amounts of joy in life. BUT.... there is some things about it that really, really irritate me. And I just wish brands would listen to us when we say WE DO NOT WANT IT.

So here are a list of things that irritate me to no end, I hope you enjoy....

The Blogging Community

Ever since I started blogging I have heard comments like "Oh the blogging community just isn't what it was" Constant doubts of the bloggers, or the number of us now. This is typically said by bigger YouTubers or bloggers, missing the good old days where it was some sort of exclusive club... *eyeroll* I hate the exclusive vibe they wanted to keep, like somehow being new means you are not worthy, or wanted... To be honest I didn't take much notice of it, I just seen it as them being huffy over their club being open to all.

The Eyebrow Obsession

For as long as I can remember the beauty world has been obsessed with eyebrows, its either plucking them down to three strands, or wanting big bushy brows like Cara (Delevingne). I would love to have big beautiful brows. but unfortunately I have been blessed with long, uncontrollable yet thin brows. *sigh*

Trying Out New Brands & Products*

I love trying new makeup, and I love trying new brands... so when you are given the opportunity to try new things, it really is the perfect partnership. Needless to say I was thrilled to try out some new bits from Vichy, Bagsy and Elemental Herbology - all of which I have already heard such good things about.

Why I Buy High End MakeUp

Buying high end makeup is something that people either understand - or they don't. Just like how I will never understand my Gran's need to collect expensive plates, my mum's need to spend all year in her garden obsessing over vegetables and plants, or my friends obsession with anything pug - its just one of those joys in life that you find yourself needing more of, the things you find yourself looking at day in and day out.

Make Up: The Spring Edit

I love looking at which items people are using at the moment, especially as the weather changes! So here is all the bits I have been using this spring, my typical face all in one post :)