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World Duty Free: Kenzo Miniatures Collection*

I love trying out new perfume, but it can be such a commitment to buy a 30-100ml bottle then be left with a scent you just aren't 100% keen on - I know I have made this mistake a few times now, and it can be frustrating. 

This little set was made for those of us who want to try out scents before we buy them. The Kenzo minis have 4-5ml each, giving you more than enough of each to see which ones you like for yourself!, no risky purchasing necessary. 

What I also enjoy about this set is the price tag. At £34 for 22ml it is pretty reasonable, giving you the freedom to enjoy a little bit of every scent. The packaging is adorable too! Instead of being in a generic tester tube, they are minis of their larger bottles... SO CUTE! This would make such a beautiful gift or Christmas present too - it is lovely! :)

The Black Friday Anti-Haul (On Brands/Websites)

I wasn't actually planning on doing a Black Friday post - hence the lack of appropriate image. But 100 emails too many, and well, this is what has happened!

Now, some brands are dropping some pretty epic discounts - Beauty Bay, Missguided, Next, BooHoo, Spectrum.... but some brands are epically failing - and well the discounts are appreciated - but it really isn't worth all the banners, the emails, the constant promos.. so I thought I would go through some places just not worth looking through (unless you have a specific item to buy)

I know some of you will be thinking "oh but they don't need to give us discount" - no you are right, but if they are insisting on sending me multiple emails into my inbox advertising it - expect to be slammed for it. Now, instead of telling you what you should buy, here is some places to not bother with.

Elemental Herbology Candle Trio*

Elemental Herbology Candle Trio Review*

Elemental Herbology is one brand I have fallen completely in love with since beginning blogging. I have been very kindly gifted these items, so I thought I would take the time to share them with you. If you would like to see more from Elemental Herbology you can view my last post here

HAIR: InStyler MAX Product Review*

HAIR: InStyler MAX Product Review*

As a blogger we are extremely lucky to be sent products for review, sometimes those products are sent as a surprise, no email, no contact, just TAADAAAA parcel. This was one. 

As a hair maximising, hair volumising, hair curling tool - I was terrified to even try it. I have been "blessed" with ridiculously thick hair. So I avoid EVERYTHING that claims added volume. It's just me looking ridiculous just waiting to happen.  

The November Life Update: Birthday, McCoo's and Personal Statements

This is the post I consider mine. The one I post because #myblogmyrules but some how people seem to enjoy a monthly update on all things me, so why not? 

Here is my once a month personal post, the ones with photos of all things other than makeup and skincare, I hope you enjoy! :) 

First Impressions: Christian Breton Skincare*

Skincare is something I love trying out, so when I am given the chance to try out a different brand I am usually all for it. I recently have been lucky enough to try out Christian Breton skincare, which is a brand I have heard so many good things about, but haven't had the chance to try yet - until now.