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Make Up: The Winter Edit

I love looking at what other people are actually using on a daily basis, the things they reach for day in and day out, because sometimes it isn't always the things we are reviewing, or new in etc. Sometimes it is a fall back favourite... so here is what is currently being used at the moment, hope you enjoy :)

A Trip to Stobo Castle

Have you ever been somewhere and thought *wow* if there is a heaven this is it? Well Stobo is this for me. This is my second time here, you can view my first review here.. 

So I didn't want to do the same post again, but I didn't want to not share it, so I decided to put my SnapChat story from the day up on YouTube to embed into this post... so yeah, here it is!  

My Perfect Warm MAC Palette + SWATCHES

MAC eyeshadows are something I go from being completely obsessed with, to forgetting about, to wishing I used more, to go back to being obsessed over. It's an ongoing cycle. So to combat this I decided to make a fool proof palette. I decided 15 shades was too many, 4 not enough, so 6 is going to have to be perfect - so this is what I chose!

Let's Talk: Blogger/Social Media Pet Peeves

I love being a blogger, and I love reading blogs... it is my spare time, all of it, consumed with my blog. But there is things about it that annoys me, and I am sure I am not alone here! So I thought we could share our top annoyances, so here is mine....

The Ultimate Mauve Pink Lip: Dior Matte 772 Review & Swatches

Have you ever walked up to a makeup counter, seen a shade and just fell head over heels for it on the first swatch? Well this happened to me with Dior 772. This is part of their new lipstick collection, and I am OBSESSED! Seriously I think my snapchat and instagram are sick of the sight of it. (A few people bought it too - what an enabler I am!) 

Next Nail Varnish

Nail varnish is one thing I never seem to own enough of. Well not in my head, my stash would say otherwise! But recently my absolute favourite has been from the Next Nail Colour Collection. These can be found in any next store next to all the other makeup. So thought I would show you the colours I went for, and which ones I have been completely obsessed with over the past month.