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Elemental Herbology Candle Trio*

Elemental Herbology Candle Trio Review*

Elemental Herbology is one brand I have fallen completely in love with since beginning blogging. I have been very kindly gifted these items, so I thought I would take the time to share them with you. If you would like to see more from Elemental Herbology you can view my last post here

HAIR: InStyler MAX Product Review*

HAIR: InStyler MAX Product Review*

As a blogger we are extremely lucky to be sent products for review, sometimes those products are sent as a surprise, no email, no contact, just TAADAAAA parcel. This was one. 

As a hair maximising, hair volumising, hair curling tool - I was terrified to even try it. I have been "blessed" with ridiculously thick hair. So I avoid EVERYTHING that claims added volume. It's just me looking ridiculous just waiting to happen.  

The November Life Update: Birthday, McCoo's and Personal Statements

This is the post I consider mine. The one I post because #myblogmyrules but some how people seem to enjoy a monthly update on all things me, so why not? 

Here is my once a month personal post, the ones with photos of all things other than makeup and skincare, I hope you enjoy! :) 

First Impressions: Christian Breton Skincare*

Skincare is something I love trying out, so when I am given the chance to try out a different brand I am usually all for it. I recently have been lucky enough to try out Christian Breton skincare, which is a brand I have heard so many good things about, but haven't had the chance to try yet - until now. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit Highlighter

Say hello to the latest highlighters in my collection. Ben was lovely enough to get this for me for my birthday. (You can see my full birthday post here) 

ABH have brought out quite a few glow kits now, but this has been the first one I have really been drawn to. The reason for this is simply the shade range. A generic glow kit contains shades for a medium skin tone, or a shade to suit everyone. Which means not everyone is able to use every shade. Resulting in 1-3 shades which go unused. Which makes me sad. 

This glow kit however is perfect for us paler people, icy undertones always work out better on my skin tone - and I can honestly say all 4 shades are wearable as highlighters for me - because really, who does end up using them as eyeshadows? 

Project Pan 2017 - Update

 I HAVE HIT PAN. On two things too. This is the first time I had ever hit pan on anything other than face powder, so to see it shining though the highlighter was pretty flipping incredible. *happy dance*

So here is my progress on everything so far. With 3 months left I know I won't be finishing much, but its good to see progress - and how much time it actually takes to hit pan on things!

November: New In Beauty (Christmas Edition)

I spend a lot of my time watching Beauty News on youtube, (their channel is so so good), they upload twice a week just discussing new releases, it can be SO addictive. Watching this and Samantha March talk about new releases in her "Will I buy it" series has made me a tad obsessed with keeping up to date on new launches.

Elie Beaumont Richmond Watch in "Lavender Nappa Leather"*

Have you ever seen such a pretty watch. It's so beautiful! Say hello to the Elie Beaumont Richmond, with the marble effect face and lavender strap. I am completely obsessed with the simply oversized style, that just seems to go with every outfit.

5 Subjects Bloggers Cannot Agree On

I like to think us bloggers get on very well most of the time, but there is some subjects which are now known as taboo, you don't bring them up, or its hell, or battle on twitter. Who is right? No one knows!  (I think that no one is right - but hey thats me!) 

New In: Sleek Make Up + Swatches*

New In: Sleek Make Up + Swatches*

Sleek is a brand I used to use all the time as a teenager, I was so obsessed with their eyeshadows back in the mid 2000's. But since then I haven't really tried anything from them - which is shocking really because their items are so good! 

So I was very kindly sent across some of their new range to try out, so I have had such a good few weeks playing around with the bits they sent across! Here is my thoughts on them :)

My 27th Birthday!

Saying I was spoilt this year for my Birthday is the understatement of the century, I honestly cannot believe how lucky I have been - and a huge part of that was down to Ben. So I thought I would go over what I got up to for my birthday weekend, what I got, and what we did! :) 

Laura Geller: First Impressions*

I LOVE trying out new beauty brands, and Laura Geller is one brand that I was yet to try until now - so exciting! :) 

Her range is known for the beautiful baked gelato swirl illuminators, I mean how stunning are they? The perfect pan, such a stunning presentation. She does have a full range to go alongside her highlighters, blush, correctors, lipsticks - you name it. So it was lovely to try out the cult classic along with something a bit different.

Turning 27

It's official. When you are reading this I will be the grand age of 27. 

To celebrate my birthday I drove 411 miles down south to Ben's house for the weekend, needless to say I am being spoilt rotten by him as usual, he is so lovely - and way too kind to me! So I thought I would leave this post until the night before, sit on his couch (with a glass of wine) and decide what the content will be, and to be honest I think it is simply going to be 27 facts and opinions, meaningful or otherwise - that I have picked up on over the years. 

Anti-Haul: Beauty Advent Calendars....

I am sure this is gonna cause I riot, because I seem to be the only person on planet earth who doesn't like Advent Calendars - but alas, I thought I would talk through them anyway, and give you my reasoning for why I just cannot bear to splash the cash on any of them, and my thought process on purchasing them! 

Roxanne Campbell Autumn/Winter Nail Varnish Collection*

Sometimes a range just completely *gets* me, and I love autumn/winter shades. This collection from Roxanne Campbell is just complete Autumn goals, and I am all for that. 

They very kindly sent me them to try out and take pretty pictures of - I'm pretty happy with the results - they're so beautiful! 

Too Faced Melted Latex Lipsticks + Swatches*

I love trying out new lipstick formula, and this one is completely unique. The formula is definitely more lipgloss like - but the pigmentation is more lipstick. A unique hybrid between the two.