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The Winter Empties

So I used to do my favourites every month. But this year I decided I wanted to do it every three, or seasonally really. So will see how this goes... and be warned.. there is A LOT of candles... I think I have a problem!... There is a lot of everything to be honest, I really didn't expect it to be this long....

From The Shower: 

I was not a huge fan of these to be honest. My hair typically isn't bothered by Shampoo, but this one for some reason gave me build up and made my hair heavy and just YUCK! I could never wash it out properly for some reason! 
Do Not Recommend

without a doubt my favourite OS scent. I love the mango one. I think this is one of my favourite shower gels ever too - and that is a big claim lol

Lush Snow Fairy 
I don't know any blogger who doesn't love this. Bring on Christmas to buy more. I am currently working my way through a 1KG of this though, so I am not quite crying yet! 
Wishing I could Repurchase

I really loved this, something about the formula leaves your skin feeling and looking smooth and hydrated! I hate a scrub that ends up making your skin raw, but this isn't one of those. 
Will Repurchase


I love the cucumber wipes, they smell incredible and leave your skin feeling super refreshed. These are my go to face wipes, they are perfect in the morning to wake up! 
Will Repurchase

These are really nice, but not as nice as the cucumber ones. This to me is the sort of thing you try but aren't in any real hurry to rebuy - were good, but not awe inspiring! 

These are the perfect in the handbag companion. All those times I end up in a beauty hall with makeup all over my hands - this is the saviour to your clothes! 

LOVE the colour, but from all the Lush face masks this one really wasn't the best one. Love Lettuce is still my ultimate from the collection - it works wonders! 

I love the concept of this, I love the pump. HATE the formula. I used it all, but I just found it really stung my eyes. Really quite badly, so yeah - in no hurry to go and repurchase, especially with the price tag. 
Do Not Recommend 

Everything Else: 

This is a essential in my routine now, I don't know what I did before Mitchum, it is just incredible. There is no way you can sweat through this stuff... it will have you smelling good all day every day! 

I wash my hair twice a week, so a decent dry shampoo is an essential in my hair care routine. Batiste is the best within this price range, and I love the oriental scent. 

I don't know what I did without these little pots now, I mean why would anyone use the cotton pads when these are so good? It takes seconds?? 

Radox Hand Soap (£1.00)
I use this to clean my makeup brushes, but I think I might try baby shampoo this time... haven't quite decided yet - let me know what you use to clean your brushes? 

I love the shape of EOS, it is just so easy to constantly apply. This is the first ever lip balm I have finished too (without loosing) and that is one hell of an achievement! 

All The Candles: 

....and a lot of candles. 

46 tea lights, mostly partylite (Thanks Mum!) and 26 wax melts. Most of which were Gingerbread or Christmas scent - I am still burning them too, I love the smell. This mixed in with summer scents too... I cannot seem to make up my mind at the moment! 

I also have 5 large candles, and 3 smaller ones. This is what puts me off buying a diptique candle... I go through them so quickly! :( 

So, what have you finished up this month? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. Wow very nice post and very nice products dear! Thanks for sharing!
    Mónica Sors

  2. I wash my brushes with boots baby shampoo and it works wonders - I've even filled a cup with shampoo and water and left my beauty blender in it overnight - the next day I managed to squeeze out most of the make up! InTheFrow recently recommended the new Garnier micellar cleansers with the pump for washing brushes - think its like a foaming face wash with micellar properties.


  3. Original Source is just the best! I love how the smell makes the whole shower smell lovely!

  4. So...many...candles!! I think I'm going to try baby shampoo to wash my brushes with too. Someone told me you could use the Body Shop camomile cleansing balm (the one in the tin) but it left sooo much residue in my brushes that some of them are beyond help now :( xx

    Rhi | www.rinkydinkyrhi.com

  5. Wow, how do you go through all these candles so quickly haha! I'm actually super impressed haha, by the time I finish my candles I'm usually tired of the scent. And also, I don't like Snow Fairy :P That scent is way to sickly sweet for me. I love the Original Source shower gel though, the whole range of these is great!

    Julia x
    Last post: My London Favourites | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.com/2017/03/london-my-favourite-spots.html

  6. Lush snow fairy is one of my favourites! I will forever have empties of it as I'm always buying it. X
    Kate// itskaterose.com

  7. WOOOAAAHHHH!!All the candles!!! hahaha. I so know what you mean about the Diptyque candle. I was gifted a Jo Malone candle and im actually scared to use it!
    I didnt know Boots did their own nail remover pot! You've just saved me £££, thanks lovely!! xx

  8. Haha you are like me with candles, I hope you scoop out some of the chunks of the candles that have tunnled and whack them into an oil burner - if not do it ;) R.E Diptyque, I love mine but only burn them on special occasions - some are so string that honestly I couldn't deal with it flickering away all night. Maybe treat yourself once you hit a personal milestone, that way you'll treasure it and of course keep the empty jar as a trinket forever? x

    1. Haha I do scoop the wax out and use them in a burner too, they are so good like that lol I honestly just need to buy myself a Diptique, I have a £5 Ncentive for SpaceNK that needs to be used, and you are so right, I would use it as a trinket, I just need to commit the cash!

  9. Love the EOS balms but some how, my lips became intolerant to any lip balm except the one from La Roche Posay...

    Damn, that's a whole LOT of candles... hahaha

    xo B
    Fecebook | Blog | Bloglovin | Blogs Portugal

  10. I've tried the cucumber say yes to facial wipes and they were awesome, I really need to pick up another batch. Great post! I love reading empties posts.


  11. That sugar baby scrub sounds really good and I'm looking for a new one so its perfect timing!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  12. I love the Original Source Body Shower Gels!


  13. The shower gel sounds amazing! I love anything mango. I actually have never tried the Lush Snow Fairy shower gel as I'm not the biggest fan of sweet scents. My favourite is Lord of Misrule and I wish they'd make that permanent :)x

    Anu | Based On | Bloglovin


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