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Shadow Switch Review*

I flipping HATE washing makeup brushes. I HATE it. And I am so sure I am not alone in feeling this way, I know so many people who cannot stand doing the dreaded task, and I have finally found the perfect tool to encourage my laziness and the time between washing the brushes, say hello to the Shadow Switch. 

A super genius idea which simply removes all the excess from your brush leaving you to continue using the same brush. Which means no more avoiding using the black. It just makes being lazy over cleaning brushes so much easier, and no more dirtying my hand trying to remove excess shadow. It also means you can use one brush for a full eye look... making everything so much easier (especially when travelling)

Simple products for a good price, well worth picking up if you love using eyeshadow. 

They are available here via Amazon for £5.99*

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*The Shadow Switch was sent to me for consideration and has in no way changed my opinion and my words remain my own 


  1. This would work so well on holiday instead of taking lots of brushes you can just use this!Great post gal :)
    Kathy x

  2. If I'm between brush washes and can't be bothered finding the baby shampoo to clean them properly or need to use a different colour, i keep a stack of face wipes by to clean them on! No dirty hands and clean-ish brushes! (although I did the dreaded brush wash last night and it took FOREVER!)


  3. This sounds amazing! Definitely easier than travelling with loads of brushes! x


  4. This looks so good, especially for travelling!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

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  6. I literally need to wash my brushes today and I was just thinking that I really cannot be bothered loool, this looks so easy to use! x


  7. This idea is genius and I would love it try something like this. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  8. I always just keep a small washcloth at my vanity for this purpose.

  9. This is a brilliant idea for short term use but I cant help but think about where all the bacteria from the brushes you've cleaned goes, it just lingers in the pot!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. You can wash it all properly too :)

  10. This is a great idea!
    I don't mind washing my brushes, but I wouldn't mind having to a little less often.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  11. This is amazing! I need to get this.

  12. This is a great idea. I would like to mention that for those who do not wanna investigate in this one, you can use a hair donut.

  13. You guessed correct. I procrastinated and didn't wash my bushes for a couple of months. And that's what led me to lose my hand at makeup. I didn't want to use the brushes because my skin can get really sensitive at times so I didn't want to risk it. Quite a handy product especially since I'll be having a baby soon!
    Rachael | Rachael Blogs Beauty

  14. This is a great idea although I don't mind washing my brushes I feel like it's often very therapeutic!

    Lauren x

  15. Wow this palette is gorgeous
    I love it all the colors
    And the price is amazing!


  16. Lovely palette :)

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  17. I think this is such a simple, yet clever idea! I hate washing brushes and constantly having to dedicate one brush for dark shades!xx

    Wow... looks stunning! Definitely adding to my to-do list for next Christmas!xx

    Laura | Laura's Beauty Binge

  18. This sounds like such a great product! I'm so incredibly lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes so I'll have to look into this a bit more! :)

    Lizzie xx

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  20. This sounds like a wonderful. I am let to stumble upon a makeup lover who doesn't despise washing makeup brushes hahaha. and can i say that violet voss eye shadow palette looks GORGOEUS. I need to get it.


  21. Such a cool idea. I'm so lazy when it comes to cleaning brushes!

    Sara | www.saraspoke.com

  22. OMG this is such a great invention i need one of these in my life!


  23. HEY, is that the Violet Voss palette?


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