Student Midwife Diaries #9

If you need me I'll be napping. 

The essays are DONE! Thank goodness. I've had feedback on one, just waiting on the other. The first one (NU1202 - The midwife within society, establishing foundations) I got an A on. Which I am completely over the moon about. I got some really good feedback too - and as someone who really struggled with English and essay writing skills throughout school, always shocks me (I like to think writing for the blog has played a huge impact here). "Overall excellent work. Well done.Overall grade: A"

My next essay feedback will be at the end of this week *Fingers Crossed*

A N T E N A T A L / P O S T N A T A L 

My first ward placement has definitely been an eye-opener.  Looking after high-risk women, inductions, breastfeeding support, obs on mums and babies. It never stops on the wards - and seeing the midwives somehow manage to stay on top of it all is incredible at times. Often it feels like a dance of timings, prioritising and teamwork. 

The three weeks there haven't been enough. I feel like I need another 1-3 weeks to gain more confidence in the routine on the wards. It's been an incredible learning opportunity across the board - but especially in regard to note-taking. I've definitely relaxed a lot more about overthinking what to write, how to write it - thanks to my mentors talking over it all with me, letting me watch one, do one. It's amazing how quickly confidence can grow when you are being encouraged to do it yourself. 

9/10 of my shifts have been Antenatal, and I must say I really enjoy Antenatal. I have had the pleasure of being with women while they go through the induction process. I love discussing their thoughts, worries, concerns - seeing them at ease after looking so nervous on arrival is really rewarding. Then, of course, waving them off to have their babies - and wishing them all the luck in the world. 

On the wards, there isn't an expectation on births - but one day I did end up along in the midwifery unit with a woman I had been looking after all day. It was my first experience of hypnobirthing - seeing it in action. I was completely overwhelmed, it was beautiful, so incredibly empowering. Seeing someone breath, take control of their breathing and relaxing to allow their body to birth her baby. It was magic. The baby was then En-Caul - born within its amniotic sac... completely rare - and completely beautiful. As she held her baby, I pulled the membranes from the baby's face. That moment I'm sure will be ingrained into my memory forever. 

I wasn't expecting the birth, but after my last few days of placement the last time - it was just what I needed. (You can read about it here). 

Did You Know? 

Your notes with the NHS are kept for 25 years. The importance of note taking therefore is crucial, ensuring everything is documented correctly.

Midwives can administer medication under midwives exemptions. It's logged as a (ME). They are mostly used to aid rural practice where obtaining prescriptions can be a nightmare - but they are used all over. 

This month seems to have flown by, the joys of placement! I would love to know if any of you were induced? What your experience was like? :)

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