Let's Talk: Was #RedOut a Cop Out?

I get the whole idea of this is to draw awareness to the cause, to get people talking - To inspire people to talk about it and to write posts like this, just to get the buzz going.... but is it in the right way? Or is it just stupid and not in the right intentions... 

Me personally... I just cannot see the point of it all... I mean could the team at Comic Relief not asked this band of influencers to do something more, something better... something more creative? Something more thought provoking, just anything? Is this the best idea they had? 

So far the team at Gleam all seem to have bound onto the bandwagon, so all the BIG British YouTubers - think Zoella, Alfie, Tanya, LilyPebbles, PixiWoo have posted two Sunday's ago at 6pm to say they are offline for 24hrs, and I suppose this is just a post of all the points where I think they should of done more/better, and how I think it's plain stupid... so yeah, lets get on with it. 

1. They could be raising money 
This is the biggest complaint I have. This isn't raising money. They could of all accepted a sponsored post, done something hilarious, made us all laugh,  posted them all at the same time - then donated the income from the video to Comic Relief, this is the whole idea of comic relief, fundraising while having FUN!

2. They are INFLUENCERS. 
When describing what they do for a living, the most common term used is "Influencers" i.e. they influence us, their viewers - to do as they do, use what they use... so why not use that power and influence us to the concept behind Red Nose Day, show us their new t-shirts, wear a nose, make it the new key in trend that we all need - don't just go offline for 24hrs, its not gonna make me do anything - other than watch someone else. 

As much as Jeffree Star annoys the bejesus out of me now, when Pulse was hit in Orlando, he quickly advised people to donate... and what did he do? He gave $20,000 himself. I cannot fault him for that, nothing will make me part with my money more than to see someone using their influence - but to also see them practicing what they preach. It was a worthwhile cause and so is Comic Relief. I don't earn much, but I do donate to RND every year - why not show they are doing the same? Rather than supporting a #redout where they don't do anything? 

4. YouTube is their Job, Does this mean I can call in sick and say "SOZ #redout I'm raising awareness."
So the majority of the Gleam crowd consider YouTube their career, are they really taking said career seriously - or their viewers for that matter... by not doing it for 24hrs? I could get on board with it if they were being sponsored to do this (to raise money for Comic Relief by Gleam or something) But they aren't. They are literally sitting at home having a day off, in hope that we part with our cash for RND... are you seeing the issue here? I would happily not go to work for 24hrs, actually can I do this? This is a thing right?

5. No Content
Half of them (Zoella & Tanya are the biggest for this) Only post once a week... so really going offline for 24hrs isn't something we aren't used to - its more the norm for them now, one video a week is insulting as it is, so to add the fact that they are not doing it at all is pretty shitty... especially considering point #1.... 

Why didn't gleam think of something more? A big meet up? A Fundraiser? An Event, something to create a buzz about that will do good, something to boost the fundraising, invite them all to red nose day and get them to vlog while wearing a nose... just something other than this? It just doesn't seem fitting....

7. They Didn't even Manage it.
Yup, half them were checking twitter on occasion throughout. Couldn't even do that right. 

What I will say, is if they go ahead and do all the above I take it all back - of course. But I just think it wasn't done in the correct way... and by the look of twitter a lot of people agree. 

Ps. I am fundraising with my sons school this year. Before the Haters gonna hate hate hate. 

I would love to know your thoughts on it? What do you think about the #redout? Let me know in the comments below. 


  1. I have to agree with this! I don't watch YouTube videos every day so I wouldn't even notice that they're not on. Also, like you've mentioned, a whole lot of them don't upload every day so they're really just taking the day off work. Wish I could just do that! I think it'd make more of an impact if they actually spent more time on social media or YouTube and raised awareness! Great post!

  2. If they had done a sponsored silence where they didn't post on social media for 24 hours to raise money that would have been better. In fact, that's the only thing that would have made going offline for 24 hours make some sense. I agree with your points completely.

    Another thing they could have done to raise money is created some Comic Relief merch and made 100% of the profits go to charity. You're right, there's so much more that could have been done.

    Also one measly link providing info isn't enough. Comic Relief and Red Nose Day is British and so there are so many people that will have no idea what's going on so I don't see how they've raised much awareness at all.

    Ayaan - Girl Lost In Transit

  3. I actually didn't know about this until I read your blog post - I guess that shows how effective it was!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  4. I agree with all your points completely, especially the emphasis on the term influencers - and as you say, if they actually do the above then good for them, but I definitely expected more!

  5. To be fair, everyone I watch who took part then uploaded a new video the next day with a red nose day theme - a lot did baking videos to inspire people to do a bake sale, others did themed fashion. A few did say all money made on their video would go to RND. I guess the whole point was to get people talking and they achieved it! Getting content one day later didn't bother me too much!


  6. I completely agree! To be honest, I missed the whole #redout thing!! I saw it a couple of times but didn't even notice who did it and who didn't. It would've had so much more impact to do something sponsored xx

    Rhi | www.rinkydinkyrhi.com

  7. But they made a special video the day after, so the #redout was the start sign and did draw attention to the following video, where they did mention RND, ask for donations and, at least the ones I watch (no Zoella fan here) did donate themselves. The #redout was like a stop sign, and by not posting the video most ofnthem were supposed to upload they drew attention to the video released 24 hours later, outside the schedule, and, see AMR, hilarious. Just going offline would have been strange, but that way I see the point and think it was something different and fun.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  8. I honestly think it was the most ridiculous idea ever. The whole point of awareness is talking about things, and these people have AMAZING platforms they should be using, not basically taking a day off work. It was such a lazy campaign.

    The Makeup Directory

  9. Okay, I am completely run the dark and clueless until I read your post. Goes to show how little time I've been spending on YouTube....

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  10. I can't help but feel that this was Gleam's way of trying to boost the YouTubers profiles in the laziest way possible. Even if they did all make videos the following day, people who aren't subscribed to them would be none the wiser so to me, they didn't really help the cause all that much. The Sugg siblings managed to release that hastily put together merchandise right before Christmas, I'm sure they could've done the same thing again (and donating the majority of proceeds of course) while also doing this.

    Raise The Waves

  11. I don't think I was even on YouTube that day so honestly made do difference to me. I did watch Zoe's baking video though and she was give all the money she made on that to the cause so that's good!
    Kathy x

  12. I am glad that I'm not the only one that thought this about it!
    They could have done so much more to actually raise money and encourage other people to get involved!

    Danielle xx

  13. I've sort of fell out of love with watching vloggers now. I much prefer bloggers as they are so much more grounded I feel...

    But yes totally agree with this! They should have done more to raise money.



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