Fashion: The New Autumn Winter Coat

Do you ever have that moment, walking through a shop when you see something and you know instantly you just NEED it. It's beyond a want, its past wishlists and hoping for it... you have picked it up, tried it on, walked to the checkout and your card is in the machine buying it before you can think what the hell am I doing? Yep, this was that.

I must admit usually this happens at the MAC counter, I'm a sucker for their limited edition packaging... must have it all... in every shade... obviously. Ha.

Well on Friday I did my usual walk around town clutching a large Starbucks PSL, obsessing over all the new Autumn collections. I did my tour around debenhams beauty, sulking at their lack of MAC Whirl lipstick, so opted to go upstairs for once. I very rarely buy anything from the debenhams departments... mainly because the Dundee store seems to be aimed at 40+ but my jaw dropped when I seen this.

Julien McDonald, I know only from Britains Next Top Model, and this was a good 4 years ago. I have seen his collection before, but again it just didn't seem my style. This coat however screamed buy me. at £120 its a pretty hefty purchase for me - but it will do me for the next 6 months, and it just brings so much to every outfit.

My other half cannot decide if he likes it, part of him thinks its cool, another part thinks 80s throwback to Adam Ant... and i'm totally alright with that. It's a statement piece, its designed to be looked at, questioned, loved and sometimes hated, its the point of fashion, individual and designed for you.

What's your thoughts? Be honest ;) Have you managed to get your new coat this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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