Fashion: The Primark Blazer

Ok - I'm ready to admit this.

I love primark.

I used to hate it, but now I just seem to find most of my wardrobe lurking behind mounds of bad clothes. Don't get me wrong, I still stand by making solid staple purchases from higher brands (topshop zara etc) but realistically why pay £20 for leggings when they are £2 in primark, dont be foolish now!

So anyway I was wandering round, looking at some truely horrible outfits, when I came across this. I fell in love, before I knew it I was hunting down my size and it was through the checkout and into a 5p bag.

As usual its always the same problem with Primark, they have no online, no ordering, no real organisation in their stores, so if you see something you like, grab it there and then, cause there is a good chance you wont ever see it again.

I view primark kind of like limited edition body shop. You find the odd amazing thing. Fall in love and swear its the best thing ever. But sooner or later, it will break/run out and end up in the bin. But it doesn't stop you buying them.

So here it is, my latest absolutely stunning primark find, scallop edged mint green blazer for an epic £15... I love it teamed with black and a statement necklace. Or just a plain T and skinnys.... go grab it quick, before it disappears into the primark black hole of pretty clothes never to be seen again.

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