Let's Talk: How To Deal With Stretchmarks


Dealing with stretch marks is without a doubt one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I was twenty when I fell pregnant - at 5'1 and 11st I wasnt my lightest, but as the weeks went on I gained an epic 5 stone onto my small frame. Yes I ate way too much, I wasn't looking after my body properly, but I can assure you I wasnt the first person to do this - and I definitely will not be the last.  

6 weeks after the birth of my son I remember looking in the mirror and just sobbing, this was what I had been left with. My skin had been stretched to epic proportions, leaving full on scars down my stomach and around my hips and back. They were red, angry - I looked like some sort of stab victim. I wouldnt even call them "marks", a more accurate discription is scars. On one occasion a 4 year old told me I should go to the hospital "because you are bleeding from your tummy" - I have never been so upset with myself, with my body.

(the picture above on the left was 6 weeks after my son was born, the right was from when my son was 1.5 years old, and I had lost over 2 stone)

I have had the reactions of horror when people have seen my body, usually followed by pity. My own grandmother's reaction was "you know you can get a cream for that" I have had countless comments about how various oitments, lotions, tablets, wraps can "fix" my stomach. I'm here to say that no lotion can hide away my marks, they are scars, scars from where my stomach was stretched further than it was ever meant to be. I cannot get rid of them, just like you cannot rub away that scar from your childhood, its there and it wont go away.

Don't let anyone fool you when they say a wrap will fix it, or bio oil, cocobutter - the options are endless. What they will do is even out the colour, the redness will fade but this will happen regardless of what potions or oitments you used. I ignored mine for 3 years and they faded just like a regular scar. So if you cant afford £10-£20 on oil, get yourself some moisturiser, and spend the rest on a new top, or a new dress. Don't let your insecurities cost you a fortune, they aren't worth it.

My scars have faded now, but as you can see they are still there. Don't let anyone trick you into thinking this can improve with anything other than weight loss (which leaves me saggy) or a tummy tuck (£££). Embrace them, stop letting people tell you they are simply marks, they are not, they are scars, but like every scar they tell a story. Mine tells me I am a mother, that I grew a baby and ate far too much in the process, they show me what I have been through, they show me how much weight I have lost. Never let anyone make you feel bad over them, wear them with pride - smile at them when they look at you in horror, wear a bikini and wear it with pride - they are nothing to be ashamed of, and you are better than them.

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